The following is a list of bosses from the game, Kirby: Hexis, and exhibits their attacks. This includes the EX bosses and the Special Mode bosses, as well as mini bosses. Note- All bosses use one last ditch effort attack using the Warpstar piece. Note- All the info is from when the player goes to the pause screen during battle.


Name Description Attacks
Bonkers The classic Kirby foe is back! He doesn't hesitate to attack the heroes in an instant. Hammer Swirl - Bonkers and his hammer swirl around and try to hurt Kirby.

Hammer Crush - Bonkers will try to crush Kirby with his hammer.

Lololo and Lalala The terrible twosome returns! They'll try to attack Kirby with...wait. Boxes? Box Attack- The twosome will try to attack you with boxes. This is their only attack.
Bugzy This huge pest is a bad thing to have back! He was drawn to Celestisis by the shattering of the Warpstar. Bug Swoop- Bugzy will try to swoop at you

Jaw Grab- Bugzy will try to eat you

Knuckle Joe Here we have another one of your nemesis, Kirby. Behold the terrifying Knuckle Joe! Knuckle Attack- Knuckle Joe will try to punch you.
Poppy Bros Sr. This older brother of Poppy Bros Jr. is a lot more dangerous than his younger brother. He'll attack with bombs and such. Multi-Bomb Throw- He'll through multiple bombs at the player. This is a more powerful version of the Poppy Bros Jr.'s attack.
Poppy Bros Jr. The younger brother of Poppy Bros Sr. is just plain sad. Same old same old. Bomb Throw- He'll through a bomb at you. Snore!
Water Galaboros A watery monster from the past. This guy means trouble, so take him out fast! Water Cannon- He'll fire a water cannon at you. A very powerful attack.

Jump- He'll try to jump on you. Cliche!

Fire Galaboros A close relative of the Water Galaboros. He is even more trouble then his cousin, and will kill you in a minute! Make sure to not get killed by this guy, because next time you die, you only come back with half the health. Dang!! Fire Cannon- This huge baddie will shoot fire at you. It'll hurt you twice as much because of it's on fire.

Fire Feet- He'll jump on you with... a gigantic pair of feet?? Not Cleche!

Dark Matter This guy use to be one of your greatest enemies, but thanks to poor economy and being beat into a pulp so many times, he's been reduced to nothing but a lackey. No one knows where these guys come from... Eye Beam- He'll shoot a dark beam at you from his eye.
Dark Warrior A Dark Matter variation which looks sort of like a dark knight. Its got a sword! Run for the hills! Sword Beam- Run!! Its got a huge sword and's shooting beams at you. EEEK!!

Main Story Bosses

Name Description Attacks Location
Whispy Morpher The boss of Dairy Delta is a huge tree like previous installments, however, he can morph into nearly anything. He first sees Kirby when he walks into a open patch of Dairy Delta. It immediately attacks Kirby. He can only be defeated by having his own projectiles thrown back at him. Once defeated, his gives up one of the essential pieces of the fallen Warpstar. Acorn Toss- Tosses acorns at the player

Bull Roar- Morphs into a wooden bull and tries to ram the player

Eagle Swoop- Turns into a wooden eagle, and tries to swoop on the player

Wormwood- Turns into a giant wooden worm that tries to eat the player

Star Assault- Uses the Warpstar shard's power to attack the player

Dairy Delta
The Forgotten The boss of Aggrivated Ark is a huge eel-like beast. It, at first, appears to be stuck in a jail cell, but devours the bars, and attacks Kirby. It is damaged by Kirby inhaling the creatures tail, and eating it. Once defeated, it releases the Warpstar part. Typhoon- It squirts out a huge water blast that could hugely damage the player

Chomper- Tries to eat the player

Lethal Crush-Tries to crush the player with its body

Tunneler-Tunnels into the ark and tries to attack the player from beneath.

Teeth-nado- Uses the Warpstar piece and opens it jaws revealing the serrated rows of teeth. It tries to inhale the player

Aggravated Ark
Rebel and The Enforcer The boss of Radical Revenue is a skeleton humanoid super racer. The real boss, however, is his race kart, The Enforcer. He first sees Kirby when he enters the Grand Go-Kart Arena The Enforcer is full of cannons and blasters. Rebel, however, has a star rod-like wand that he will try to use to attack Kirby. The way Kirby defeats him is by picking up a cannon from one of the laps and shooting the enforcer. When defeated, he's shamed, and tries to escape. The Enforcer then explodes, and gives Kirby the Warp Star Piece. Spontaneous Cannon- The Enforcer will shoot a bunch of metal balls at Kirby's Kart

Star Wand- Rebel will shoot a star attack at Kirby

Razor Wheels- Drills emerge from The Enforcer's Wheels and Kirby must try to avoid them

Omega Cannon- Rebel will summon an ice cream cannon, and will try to shoot Kirby

Radical Revenue
King Dedede The famous king has made his new base on Centenisis. When seen, he'll attack you because he's been turned into one of Singularitox's lackeys! He has our Geekian Urn, so sieze him! We have to get it to Sketchers so we can get the star piece. He's been turned, however, and he has an axe. When did videogames become so violent and scary?!?! Anywho, once he's defeated, he goes back to Popstar. Axe Smash He'll charge you with an axe. Dang, what happened to nice cute videogames?

Waddle Dee Throw- He'll thow a waddle dee at you.

Axe Spin- He'll spin around in a tornado of axe glistening fury!

King Karols
Maze Master A six handed stone creature that lies at the heart of Neverending Nessers. He has something wierd about him. Once he sees the player, he attacks. He has magical attacks and will shoot magic orbs at the players. To hurt him, you must deflect his attacks, and they reflect at him. Once beaten, he explodes, revealing the star piece. Orb Lock- He'll shoot a magical orb at kirby.

Stone Hammer- He'll use a huge stone hammer to attack the player.

Smash- The Maze Master will atempt to crush you with his hands.

Maze Flip- He'll make one last ditch effort using the star piece. He'll make you go through a small maze, where, if you make one wrong turn, you get danerously damaged.

Neverending Nessers
The Egghead A eggish creature thats the rules Egg Enigmas. He is unimaginably smart, and will not hesitate to bore you to death! I kid you not! Beethoven Rationale- The Egghead single handedly ruins Beethoven with horrible magic.

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