Kirby: Hexis

Kirby Hexis is an upcoming 2.5D game made by MysterE Games and published by Nintendo. It is the first game of a semi-reboot trilogy of the franchise. It will be released in 2014, and will be a Wii U exclusive. It will feature the loveable fluffball Kirby on a quest to save Popstar from a force so evil that some monsters simpally died on the spot! It was rated E10+ because of the brutallity of the villain in question. It will also will feature every returning Copy-Ability from past games, including the Super Abilities that made Kirby's Return to Dreamland famous. It will feature Multiplayer, the five playable characters will be Kirby, Bandana Dee, the Kleebies, King Dedede(only in SM), Meta Knight(only in EX), and the Gampad character, a lost little star. The hub of the game is a small planetoid called Centeniess, somewhere for the inhabitants of worlds that have had their worlds destroyed by the evil that threatens Kirby's beloved Popstar. It will be a 2.5D game, which means that there will be certain 3D sections every now and then.


The game brings back many elements from previous games, such as the signature Copy Abilities. The only players who can use the Copy Abilities is, however, Kirby and the Kleebies. There are truly six playable characters: Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, a lost star child, and two of the Kleebies. Every independent character has their own weapon to defend themselves. As far as Copy Abilities go, there are all of the returning Copy Abilities from the past, even the infamous Copy copy ability. Even Super Abilities return, with one new one, the Barrichade Ability. Kirby can, like always, inhale air and float for a certain amount of time, as with other characters find other means of levitation. The Warp-Star still has a role in the game, though, it is shattered at the beginning of the game, so Kirby must collect the shards of this once proud relic. The ability to watch cutscenes also returns, as does the Arena and True Arena. The game introduces a new plot about Kirby trying to stop an ancient evil.

Story Mode

The story begins in a lost quadrent of space. Two Waddle Doos are fighting over a bizarre stone next to an ancient well. Suddenly, one drops it into the well. Then a flash appears, and an evil monster emerges from a purple portal, and attacks the two waddle doos. He eats them, and then spits them out. They appear to be covered in purple goo, and turn into hideous beasts. The monster points to a far off planet, the great Popstar! Meanwhile, Kirby is fighting King Dedede over a piece of cake yet again. Dedede summons some of his minions to get the cake. Then, a small purple beast slightly resembling a Waddle Doo comes over to the King's minions, snatches the cake, eats it, and then bites one of the Waddle Dees. It then turns into a drooling beast as well. Then another one with wings appears and puts King Dedede in a cage, and flies off. A huge monster enters Popstar and begins to spawn more beasts. Kirby eats a sword enemy and gains the sword ability. He then summons a Warpstar and flies toward the monster. One of the beasts hands King Dedede to the monster. The monster then signals Kirby to stop, and tells him to hand over the warpstar. Kirby does so, only for the monster to crush it with one of his golden fists. He then blows away the tiny crystals, and grabs Kirby. He's about to turn him into a beast when he is blasted! Kirby then see's the Battleship Halberd off in the distance, fighting off the beasts. Meta Knight grabs Kirby and pulls him in the Halberd. He explains that that is Singularitox, a world consuming monster, and only the Warpstar could stop him. The Halberd is attacked by the beasts, and Kirby is put into an escape pod. He is instructed to find and reassemble the Warpstar. He is blasted off into space, sadly waving goodbye to Popstar.

Kirby lands in a small forest-like area called Dairy Delta. He decides to explore. When he goes deep into the forest, he finds a small star child being attacked by two monsters, Bonkers and Dark Matter. Kirby then interferes, and initiates in a mini-boss battle. After defeating the two monsters, Kirby goes over to the Star Child, and asks if he's all right. The star child introduces himself as Staro, but says that's all he can remember. He decides that he can help Kirby, but brakes the fourth wall to tell Kirby how to use the gamepad to reveal secrets. Once Kirby learns, the duo go deeper into the forest, and meets Bandana Dee and the Kleebies. He explains that he escaped Popstar, as did the Kleebies. They join Kirby's team and go deeper into the forest, fighting monsters along the way. When they reach the exact center of the forest, they find a tree. Kirby thinks its another Whispy Wood, but then it morphs into a bull and then an eagle, and then the first boss battle initiates. After defeating the Whispy Morpher, it spits out a part of the Warpstar! Staro thinks that maybe the warpstar shattered all across this strange world. Staro then explains that he can pull up the progress for the collection of the pieces, and then, they emerge from the forest to find a city! They are greeted by many different creatures. The heroes are confused, and they explain that this is Centeniess, a place for beings whose worlds were destroyed by The Evil. Staro deducts that the evil is Singularitox. They then meet a scientist  who is named Dr. Mackleval, and he says that energy signals have been going off the charts! Kirby tells them his story, and the inhabitants say that they could stay. Dr. Mackleval says that he can use his technology to track the pieces. And thus, a new adventure begins.

The player then goes through a new path opened by the Warp Star piece. They go to an ocean where, after the first level, they go into a great giant ark called Aggrivated Ark. They go through many enemies and face the Water Galaboros and the Fatty Puffer. They then see a huge portion of the ship filled with prison cells. The heroes then wonder what the cells were for. Then, the cells open and attack the players. They go through many water-based monsters, all for the fact that Staro believes the piece is near by. They then go to a giant cage, where they fight The Forgotten, a huge eel-like enemy. After defeating it, it releases the piece, and they go back to Cenestisis. Then, Dr. Mackleavlel goes to his lab, and uses the shards power to open up a new path.

The heroes then go to the new path and find themselves at a candy Go-Kart-based world known as Radical Revenue. They realize that Staro has a mysterious connection with the Warp Star as he can sense when the pieces are near by. Kirby is then almost ran over by a crazed Go-Karter. Bandana Dee then says they need Go-Karts to traverse this world. After going through a small mini game, they go on to the open track. They fight candy based enemies and mini bosses, like Devil Dogs and Muffin Men. After fighting their way through racers, they discover the Grand Go-Kart Stadium. Then, they are challenged by an evil racer named Rebel, the self proclaimed and his super kart, The Enforcer. They discover that he is using a warp star piece to power his kart, and so they battle him. After beating him, Rebel vows on vengeance, and then runs off. The heroes collect the piece and go back to Cenestisis, where they discover the doc experimenting on his nerdy assistant, Lesley. He discovers they are there, and the heroes give the piece to Dr. Mackleavel, and he opens a new path. However, before the heroes can leave, the Doc explains that this time, one of Centenisis' residents has the star piece! The heroes gasp. The doc says that his name is sketchers, and he lives on Shadow Alley. They find Sketchers, and he says that they need to bring him the geekian urn from New Dedede Castle. They go to the region known as King Karols, and discover that King Dedede is in charge of this castle. A beast then sneaks in, and bites dedede. The heroes then battle him. Once Sketchers gets his urn, he gives them the star piece. A new path is opened up.

The new path leads to Never-ending Nessers, a giant maze where Kirby and Staro are forced to find the new piece from the Maze Master.

Extra Mode

This Mode is unlocked after defeating the main story. One plays as Meta Knight on a quest for revenge against Galacta Knight. There are only four worlds.

Four months after the events of the main game, Meta Knight discovers the Battleship Halberd has been hijacked! He finds a note from Galacta Knight, and he wants revenge! Meta goes out for Galacta, and will decide it once and for all.

Special Mode

An extra mode where one plays as King Dedede in a quest to reclaim his feast from a giant bat-like creature. It, again, only has four worlds.

King Dedede is out enjoying a feast, when, suddenly. a huge bat called Basilisk steals his food and flies off to the Eternal Volcano. Dedede goes out to get his food back!


A list of levels.

Main Story

World 1: Dairy Delta

Name Description
D-1 Lush Beginnings The first level of the game. It starts out with the player trying to pilot the escape pod into a small planetoid. Then Kirby lands in a grassy plain-like area. You see someone being terrorized, and fight Bonkers and Dark Matter. You then save and meet Staro, the gamepad character. It introduces the mandatory basics of the game. A pretty basic level.
D-2 Old Allies You go deeper into the forest, and then you save Bandana Dee and the Kleebies. You then get introduced to super abilities and use the barricade ability which summons a dark cloud that desrtoys every on-screen enemy and obstacle. Stardust is introduced.
D-3 Welcome to the Delta The first underwater level. You go into a delta and fight many underwater enemies. Then, once Kirby destroys the dam, (which is blocking the heroes progress.) it causes a massive flood. You then must swim against the current. You then fight the Water Galaboros in the end of the level.
D-4 SpiderWick Forest You go through the forest, and fight spider-like enemies. You are also introduced to the cannon helmet.
D-Boss Metamorphosis The first boss level of the game. You can choose one of three copy abilities. Then, you fight the Whispy Morpher, a huge tree that can morph into virtually anything. It will use its morphing powers to attack the heroes. Once defeated, you receive the first star piece.
Dairy Delta-Special Forest Fire If you collect all of the stardust, you unlock a special level where you fly over the forest, avoiding flying enemies and fire spouts along the way.

World 2: Aggravated Ark

Name Description
A-1 Beach Front Exploration The hero is introduced to the water spear ability. They go to a beach, and must jump into the ocean, avoiding Crabs and Waddle Dee's along the way. They fight many octopi and eel based enemies. It ends with the hero finding a huge ark.
A-2 Eel Infested Waters The player enters the ark, and finds that its been infested with eels. The player must either use Kirby's inhale ability to eat the eels, or use a massive switch near the end of the level to kill the eels.
A-3 A Watery Grave The player discovers that the ark is haunted. The player must make it to the end of the level without getting hit by the ghosts. If hit, they die. Harsh...
A-4 Release the Kraken! The player finds many monsters locked up in cages. A ghost opens up the cages, and then all the monsters are free. The players must endure many waves of Octopi, Crabs, Eels, and to end, a Water Galaboros.
A-Boss The Grand Prisoner The second boss level. The player will have nine copy abilities to choose from. They are then fought by the forgotten, a huge dragon-eel. When defeated, the forgotten gives up the star piece.
A-Special Escaping the Ark The player needs all of the stardust to unlock this level. The player must escape the ark (which is being crushed by a huge octopus) within three minutes.

World 3: Radical Revenue

Name Description
World R-1 Sweet Tooth The player enter Radical Revenue, where they must avoid being crushed by crazed racers or gumballs. You must also avoid candy-based enemies.
R-M Build Your Kart! A mini game level that must be completed to move forward. They must build a Go-Kart to the specifications of every level. The player must come here multiple times to change their kart.
R-2 Gum Drop Buttons The player must have the bouncy kart for this level. The player must go on an exotic track where they must bounce off of many gum drops. You must bounce on all one hundred of them, or die trying.
R-3 Ice-Cream Blizzard The player must traverse the snow blizzard to get through this level. There are also caves and many ice shards hanging from the ceiling. This level also introduces a new enemy called a Yeti. From now on, they are common enemies.
R-4 Heart of the Mine The player is stuck in a mine, and must escape within two minutes. If you fail, you die miserably, so, you know. 'Nuff said.
R-5 Simple Samples Once out of the mine, the player goes through many candy-based areas. There is nothing special about this level.
R-Boss The Grand Go-Kart Arena The player goes into the grand go-kart arena, where they are challenged by Rebel, the master racer, and his go-kart, the Enforcer. Once beaten, Rebel vows revenge, and the heroes get the star piece.
R-Special A New Race A special race against the king of Radical Revenue, King Calamari. This level requires all of the stardust from this world to be collected.

World 4: Kings Karols

World 5: Never-ending Nessers

World 6: Egg Enigmas

World 7: Snappy Snivelers

World 8: Supernatural Severia

World 9: The Forever Portal

Extra Mode

World E1: Willow Wyverns

World E2:Ill Industry

World E3: Luscious Lake

World E4: Lavender Lanterns

Special Mode

World S1: Revival Raceway

World S2: Illuminated Incorporated

World S3: Syrup Sacks

World S4: Eternal Endurance

List of Characters

The following is a list of characters.

Playable Characters

Name Description Found in Specialty
Kirby That loveable fluffball is at it again! This time, he is on a quest to defeat the evil Singularitox and save Popstar. Playable from beginning. The ability to use Copy Abilities and inhale enemies.
Staro The lost star child is trying to help Kirby, and try to remember his past at the same time! The games gamepad character will help you with worlds, navigation, or just plain loneliness! Dairy Delta-1 Using the Gamepad to find secrets
Bandana Dee The famous bandana dee has returned! This time, he's on quest to help Kirby reassemble the Warpstar and defeat Singularitox!! After being saved by Kirby, he swore to be of assistance. Dairy Delta-2 Using his spear to attack enemies
The Kleebies The Kleebies escaped Popstar with Bandana Dee, and like him, want to help Kirby on his quest. All these two want to do is to help out their bro! Dairy Delta-2 The same as Kirby
*King Dedede After being defeated in his possessed state in King Karols, he went away. Only after the main story can he be played as. In the beginning of Special Mode, his feast is stolen by a monster called Basilisk. He then goes on a quest to get back his food! Only in Special Mode Hitting things with his huge hammer
*Meta Knight The famous Meta Knight is only playable in Extra Mode. After being freed from the control of Singularitox, he went back on the Battleship Halberd. At the beginning of Extra Mode, he finds that the evil Galacta Knight is out for revenge. He then goes on a quest to stop this old enemy! Only in Extra Mode Destroying things with Galaxina, his sword
  • = Only playable in one of the extra Modes.

NPC Characters

Name Description Found in
Dr. Mackleavlel A famed pig-like doctor that studies star power. He wants to help the heroes in their quest to reassemble the Warp Star. Celestisis Laboratory
Bubba A simple merchandiser that sells items to the player that is the same species as Marx. Celestisis Lane
Sketchers A sketchy little Waddle Dee that sells the players exclusive and key items. To get items from him, the player must find the Geekian Urn in King Karols. Shadow Alley
Lesley Dr. Mackleavlel's smart and nerdy assistant. He is always stuck as the test monkey to all of the Dr.'s experiments. Celestisis Laboratory


Name Description Found in
Singularitox This planet eating monster is the whole reason Kirby is on this quest! He is an ancient evil who's slobber can turn even the purest of heroes into a savage beast! Unleashed by a strange stone, his only wish is to deteriorate Popstar into nothing! The Forever Portal
The Beasts All of Popstar's residents have been turned into purple monsters! They'll devour anything in their path. Supernatural Severia, The Forever Portal
Rebel An evil skeleton racer that hates Kirby with a passion! After being humiliated by Kirby in Radical Revenue, and stripped of his championship title, he joins with Singularitox to destroy Kirby! He also causes trouble for Meta Knight and King Dedede in their quests. Radical Revenue, Supernatural Seviria, Lavender Lanterns, and Rebel's Raceway
Demon Knight Meta Knight in his possessed state. He is Singularitox's right hand man, and commander of the beasts. Supernatural Seviria
Galacta Knight Meta Knight's old rival is the main villain of Extra Mode. He abducts the Battleship Halberd and its crew, and his only goal is revenge! Lavender Lanterns
Basilisk A huge bat that stole King Dedede's food and flew off to the Eternal Volcano. It is the main villain of Special Mode. It is severely hungry and will eat anything in its path. Eternal Endurance
The One A mysterious character that appears in a 100% completion cutscene. He knows something about Kirby's past, but what remains to be seen... None

List of Copy Abilities


For a more detailed list, see: Kirby: Hexis/bosses


See: Kirby: Hexis/enemies

The Arena

A ruthless challenge of who can last the longest. Traditionally a boss endurance and four maximum tomatoes at the entrance. A simple boss endurance.

The True Arena

The ultimate challenge! Armed with only two maximum tomatoes and the copy ability of your choice. You must face down the normal bosses, the EX bosses, the Special bosses, a Singularitox replica, and a special appearance of Marx Soul himself! All bosses have twice as much power save for Singularitox. Are YOU the ultimate Kirby Master?


In a press confrence with a MysterE Games representitive, it was confirmed that there will be a sequel, and tha it would be called Kirby: Darkest Hour, but nothing else was said, as the project is in early development.


  • All of the first letters of every world in the game, save for the Forever Portal, spells out DARKNESS WILL RISE. It could be a hint to the upcoming darker-natured sequel, Kirby: Darkest Hour.
  • Staro, the game's gamepad character makes several references to past characters in the series such as when Kirby first seems distrustful of him, he says What, its not like I'm going to try to betray you and take over the universe! Who do you think I am? This is a reference to two popular past villains, Magolor and Marx.
  • Radical Revenue, the main story's third world, is based off of Wreck-it Ralph's Sugar Rush, and Rebel is based off of Turbo.

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