These are the enemies in Kirby: Hero Adventure.

Image Enemy Description Abilities Given
Waddle Dee A small resident of Dream Land with no actual boss. It uses anything it can find to help itself survive from Kirby. None
Umbrella Dee A Waddle Dee that has a umbrella and floats down. Parasol
Gotzo A mole that has a Shotzo on its arm. It pops out of the ground, shoots, and goes back down. Animal
Scarfy This gal can't be sucked down. If you try, it will reveal her demonic true form! None
Cheer Dee This Waddle Dee cheers on from a distance, also boosting the enemy's power. Pom-Pom
Dragole A mix of a dragon and a mole. It breathes fire and can sometimes dig from the background to the foreground. Fire or Animal
Giga Gotzo A special version of Gotzo that can turn Kirby into Drill Mole Kirby when sucked up. Drill Mole
Topity A top creature that used to be members of a kingdom before being corrupted by Excerberus into being evil. It spins around and jumps sometimes. Top
Broom Hatter A custodian who sweeps around, not even noticing Kirby. None
Irono A distant relative of the Rocky. It walks around and sometimes jumps and does a ground pound. Metal
Stickworm A caterpillar that hangs on the sides of platforms, making gum bubbles to entrap Kirby in. Gum
Bubmagi A mage rabbit that uses a staff to blow bubbles and teleport. Bubble
Mothapart A moth that walks on the ground instead of flying in the air. They can de-attach their wings and throw them like a boomerang. Cutter
Tank Dee A Waddle Dee in a small tank. It can't be sucked up, but it's ammunition can. None
Blade Knight A armored knight with a blade. It has no shield, unlike its defensive counterpart. Sword
Armor Knight A knight with heavy armor and a giant blade. It is powerful and has a shield to block some attacks, but is very slow, unlike its fast counterpart. Sword
Viking Dee A Waddle Dee wearing a Viking helmet. It has a small hammer that it swings. Hammer
Shotzo A invincible cannon that shoots bullets. None
Chompus* A giant alligator that is slow, but very powerful. It dives, goes upward, shoots a wave of water, and dives again. Alligator
Giga Topity A special version of the Topity that can turn Kirby into Tornado Top Kirby. Tornado Top
Magma Bit A sentient lava rock that spits fire and can turn into a puddle made of lava that can harm Kirby. Fire
Debris Falling debris from blown up asteroids. They can be sucked up, but grant no abilities. None
Noodo A bowl of noodles that walk around, attacking things with their long arms. Whip
Waddle Doo A cyclops that is like a Waddle Dee, but also use beams to attack. Beam
Frostrus A walrus that breaths ice that can freeze Kirby in place. Ice
Sparky A small creature that creates a thunder shield and launches it. Plasma
Supec A judo master that grabs other enemies and then throws them at Kirby. Suplex

(Enemies with * are minibosses)

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