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Kirby: He Comes Back! is a CGI anime series that takes place 10 years after Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. Kirby now speaks and Tiff and Tuff are now 10 years older. Meta Knight now had a wife, and Knuckle Joe and Sirica mostly appear in the episodes, and even Lololo and Lalala now appear in all episodes. It was used to promote Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!. It was aired on The Hub.


Each episode consists of:

  • PSA: There was a PSA at the end of the episode (inspired by Sonic Sez). Kirby will teach kids to stop taking things like drugs.
  • Sponsors: Like all Hub shows, this will show sponsors at the beginning.

Episodes show every Monday, from 24 March 2012 onward.


TV Description

Air Date

The King's Allowance

Kirby and his friends try to retrieve food from King Dedede and Escargoon.


Attack of the Killer Garbage!

Kirby, Lololo and Lalala fights against Trash Basher.


DedeVegas Attraction

Kirby and his friends went to DedeVegas from "Abusement Park".


Go Away, Magnix!

Magnix, a magnet like Demon Beast, wreaks havoc n Cappy Town.


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