Another 2.5d Kirby adventure, with a twist! When an alien calling themselves Bunri Shi arrives, displaying incredible power. Another being, called Mashita, arrives, seeking out Bunri. As if that weren't bad enough, King Dedede wants to use her powers for his own devices. Fortunately, he and Mashita seem to butt heads constantly, allowing Kirby time to keep Bunri away, and hopefully learn a bit about her and Mashita. Furthermore, Mashita shows some sort of ability to fuse beings. When Kirby sucks up one of Mashita's magical attacks, he finds himself able to fuse abilities together. Join Kirby as he evades Mashita's grasp, traveling planet to planet as he tries to determine what's going on?


  • Kirby- hero to many a life form. He houses infinite power, and, when Mashita invades, he is now able to fuse abilities together.
  • Bunri Shi- a new being that suddenly showed up in Popstar. When they arrived, they removed the clouds from the sky, letting the sun shine on down, and they're apparently capable of so much more.
  • Mashita- a being seeking out Bunri Shi. They are able to summon bolts of energy that fuse beings together, and force them under they're will.
  • King Dedede- the king of Popstar. He's greedy and short tempered, and wants Bunri Shi for selfish reasons. Because of this, he tends to get in Mashita's way time and time again, the two clashing each time.
  • Zentai- an apparently malevolent dragon capable of planetary domination. It's disappeared for a while now, so why does it keep coming up ever since Bunri Shi and Mashita came up?

Fusion Abilities

Image Name Abilities Description
In Progress Steam Water + Fire After combining water and fire, Kirby's now able to summon up steam. When used on icy air, it condenses into a cloud thick enough for him to walk on. Besides that, he can spread steam like he'd spread fire, send out pillars of steam from the top of his head like he could with water, and he can create clouds of steam that follow air currents.
In Progress Blizzard Ice + Tornado After combining ice and tornado, Kirby now controls blizzards. He can create hailstorms, and kick up freezing winds by spinning around, even spinning fast enough to lift off of the ground.
In Progress Cactus Leaf + Needle After combining grass and needle, Kirby now resembles a cactus. He can extend the needles from the cactus body, whip out the arms like vines, and create smaller patches of cacti.
In Progress Duplicate Mirror + Ice When Kirby combines Mirror with Ice, he's able to create another him! This other him mirrors his movements. Used more for puzzle solving.
In Progress Scissor Sword + Sword Upon combining two swords, Kirby is able to wield the pair like a pair of scissors. He can rush forward, scissors snipping wildly and swing them about.
In Progress Diamond Mirror + Rock Combining rock and mirror together, Kirby gets the diamond ability.

Main Adventure

  1. Popstar- the beginning of Kirby's adventure, and the new crash site of Bunri Shi. It started on a cloudy day they crashed. Kirby and King Dedede and his forces quickly traveled to the crash site, spotting Bunri Shi. They wave their hand, the clouds disappear, and the sunlight shines on down. All present are amazed. King Dedede demands the being captured, but Kirby jumps in to help lead them away. After evading Dedede's forces for a bit, another being comes in from the skies, carrying a much more cruel aura. This is Mashita, and they demands Kirby hand over Bunri Shi. Kirby defies them, and they fuse a few enemies together to sic on the hero. After dispatching of them and running deeper into the forest, Mashita uses his powers once again on Whispy. The poor tree is fused with a Lovely, and is forced to battle Kirby. After defeating Lovely Woods, Kirby's finally able to use a warp star that can get him and Shi Bunri off planet. Mashita attempts to fly after them, but shotzo fire starts to impede his progress. He's forced to contend with them, while Kirby and Bunri Shi land on Alpha Star.
  2. Alpha Star- a realm known to be lost to the fauna. Once Kirby and Bunri Shi land on it, they believe they can discuss what the deal with them and Mashita is. Bunri Shi starts by talking about Zentai. It was a being that formed in the middle of space. When it came to full self-awareness, it realized it had power. Before Bunri Shi could explain anymore, Mashita arrives on planet.
  3. Gusty Star- a realm seemingly dominated by winds, ranging from light breezes to harsh gales. Bunri Shi talks about how Zentai tested its power by destroying a nearby planet.
  4. Freezezie Star
  5. Tech Star
  6. Toy Star
  7. Zentai Star

Main Adventure bosses

Image Name Area Description
Lovely Woods Lovely Woods Popstar-5 Now that Whispy Woods was fused with a Lovely, instead of a tree, he's now a tree sized flower, with his face in the middle of the petals. The arena wraps around him like a ring, forcing Kirby to either attack the roots or attack the head when it pops towards the arena. He attacks by unleashing air blasts, spitting seeds into the air that float towards Kirby, piercing the ground with roots that wiggle about after unveiling themselves, or snapping the petals around Kirby. At half health, he brings up two vines, spawning a flower on the end of each. He moves these about, trying to saw Kirby with the petals. As dangerous as it is, this is another weak spot for Kirby to strike.
In Progress Rocky Grizzo Alpha Star-6 Now that a rocky is fused with a grizzo, it gathered up nearby stones to make its body even larger than before. The arena wraps around him. It can throw segments of its body onto the arena, smash its legs onto the arena, smash its face onto the arena, sometimes even jump into the arena to try and slam onto you. After dealing a significant amount of damage, pieces of it crumble to pieces, to be replaced by smaller versions of the other limbs. After taking out half of its health, it's reduced to the size of two grizzos, who leaps onto the arena so it's level with Kirby. In addition to charging at him and trying to himself on him, he can split up into individual rocks that zip across the arena to smash into Kirby.
In Progress Smogo Gusty Star-6 Kracko's been fused with a hot head, and now appears like a sentient cloud of smog. The arena's a straight arena, Smogo level with Kirby. Instead of sending out rain drops or lightning, he unleashes bombs, capable of covering a fifth of the arena in a thick, poisonous cloud. In addition, he unleashes poison bullets that leave smog as big as Kirby where they land. He can also swirl fire around him like he'd swirl lightning around him. After taking out half of his health, he creates a tornado of foul smog, sucking up more clouds and getting bigger. The arena gets bigger, revealing platforms in a triangular formation above head. Now, Smogo can occasionally cover the floor or certain platforms in fire. He can also turn into a tornado that tries to suck up Kirby.
In Progress Mr. Shine Bright Freezezie Star-6 Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright are fused together, forming an eclipse. In battle, the two occasionally split apart, Mr. Shine flying out like a boomerang, Mr. Bright rolling like a boulder. In addition to that, he can throw boomerangs and fire heat rays. At half health, he can do the latter two attacks simultaneously.
In Progress HR-Heavy Tech Star-6 HR-H has returned, and so has the Heavy Lobster. After Mashita fuses them, HR-H adopts Heavy Lobster's color scheme, lobster head, and lobster claws.