Here a list can be viewed on the movesets of the Copy Abilities found in Kirby: Freeze Frame the overall playstyle and tips on each ability is also included as well. Note that Helpers can use every single technique listed in each moveset.


Move Input Description Damage
Freeze Frame X Once used time completely stops, with every enemy, object and obstacle freezing right in thier tracks. During this time Kirby and Helpers are able to do as they please and deal damage to enemies, with enemies taking the damage after time reactivates. Kirby can even use his current ability while this is active as well, allowing him to combat foes while frozen. There is a time limit to this ability, that being 8 seconds until Kirby must return to the Time Traveler to restore the ability. N/A
Unfreeze X (While Freeze Frame is active) When used, Time resumes manually, allowing the time limit of Freeze Frame to be spared for other uses later on. N/A


Ability Star Beam
Ability Star Beam

Unleash a sizzling beam of energy! Use the Capture Beam when near an enemy, or use the Beam Blast in midair, and then finish off your foe with a Wave Beam!

Beam Kirby KDL3D

Move Input Description Damage
Beam Whip B Kirby brings his rod down, a long segmented electrical whip being brought down with it. This attack has a long range but leaves kirby open for a brief moment. It is also capable of penetrating through anything, including walls. 8
Wave Beam Hold B release Kirby begins to charge energy before releasing it as a concentrated ball of energy that cuts through enemies and obstacles before bursting on contact with terrain. While powerful it requires the move to be fully charged before execution. 26
Cycle Beam B while dashing Coming to a halt, Kirby produces a more focused beam attack infront of him, hitting multiple times before launching enemies. While potent it leaves Kirby open for attack from behind and above. 6 (hits three times)
Beam Blast B while dashing in midair Kirby flips upside down as he shoots a rain of beam segments towards the ground below him, dealing countinuous damage with a good range. 14
Capture Beam B (near an enemy) Kirby command grabs the opponent, then on the next input suspends them diagonally upwards at set distance, dealing heavy damage to them and other opponents who make contact. 18



55px-KRtDL Bomb icon
55px-KRtDL Bomb icon

Raise a huge bomb above your head, adjust the angle, and give it a toss. Blast, explode, and detonate from a distance! Or drop a bomb right next to an enemy. KABOOM!'

Move Input Description Damage
Bomb Prep B Kirby pulls out a bomb, holding it until it is used in another attack or after five seconds, in which it will explode on Kirby and deal light damage to him and nearby enemies. Without a bomb in hand Kirby is unable to do any of the following attacks, with one however Kirby is unable to float as well. N/A
Bomb Throw B With a bomb already in hand Kirby gives it a toss, the bomb travelling in a simple forward arc and explosing on contact, exploding on contact. Before throwing the bomb can be aimed in virtually any trajectory by holding down the input, bombs can now be thrown straight upwards as well.
Bomb Bowl B → Kirby bowls the bomb along the ground, causing it to roll in a straightforward line as opposed to an arcing trajectory. When it loses all momentum, the bomb will linger in place as a stationary bomb for a brief amount of time before exploding.
Bomb Set B ↓ Kirby drops the bomb right below him, the bomb itself acting as a stationary trap set to explode after some time or upon contact. Multiple set bombs can be out at a time.
Bomb Slide A ↓ With the bomb held out in front of him Kirby performs a slide attack, the bomb exploding on contact with an opponent. If no contact is made the bomb will be left as a set bomb.
Bomb Counter B (exactly upon being hit) When done successfully, Kirby counters the attack by detonanating the bomb, causing him to bounce backwards due to recoil and deal decent damage to what was countered. Damage that would have been taken is nullified as well.




Is this for real? You bet it is! Jump through a flaming hoop, and show off your finest Acrobatics! After the curtains close on your foes, they'll know the clown arts are no joke.

Circus Kirby

Move Input Description Damage
Somersault B Kirby gracefully flips forth, performing two advancing somersaults before flipping back to his original position. During his acrobatics, Kirby is completely invulnerable.
Backsault ← B Kirby does a quick somersault backwards, like Somersault he is invulnerable during this short time.
Fire-Hoop Jump B → With a running start Kirby takes a great leap of faith through a fiery hoop, with his body catching on fire after passing through, he iS invulnerable until landing.
Baton B ↑ Kirby juggles batons above his head for a short time, dealing damage to enemies above and near him. While juggling Kirby can slightly move and even jump.
Fire Baton B ↑ (repeatedly) Kirby extends his juggling time as his batons catch on fire, dealing more damage and becoming able to burn flammable terrain.
Ball Balance B ↓ Facing the screen, Kirby balances on a ball for a short time. Alike most of his tricks Kirby is invulnerable during this.
Trampoline B ↓ ↑ Kirby bounces on a trampoline, launching him upwards a good distance before dropping to the ground. Kirby is invaunerable when going upwards and will also deal damage to enemies while falling but won't go through, instead bouncing on them.
Rebound B ↑ (after Trampoline, prior to contacting ground) Upon hitting the ground Kirby jumps on another trampoline but goes a slightly shorter distance upwards, this height decreases the more this move is used.
Balloon Pop Art B (hold) Turning towards the screen, Kirby blows a giant balloon in the shape of a different object everytime, the balloon popping into an explosion of confetti afterwards. While powerful, Kirby is completely open while blowing the balloon.


Ability Star Cupid
Ability Star Cupid
Cupid Kirby KDL3D
Move Input Description Damage
Angel Wings A In place of floating, Kirby instead hovers in place with his angel wings, enabling him to move around slowly and fire arrows in midair. Like Kirby's float, this maneuver also slowly utilizes Kirby's air supply, so in order to reserve air it can be cancelled by inputting A again. N/A
Shot B Kirby fires a heart-tipped arrow that darts forth in a straightforward path, dealing damage on contact. Despite being weak these arrows are highly spammable and can rack up some good damage if aimed correctly.
Piercing Shot Hold B, release After some charge, Kirby fires a faster glowing arrow that pierces enemies as it passes. While charging the arrow can be aimed to fire in a different trajectory, allowing Kirby to efficiently snipe enemies with it.
Love Arrow Hold B extensively, release Upon achieving maximum charge, Kirby fires an arrow tipped in lovely energy. The arrow has all the qualities of Piercing Shot including the ability to aim it, but is more powerful and explodes into a burst of hearts on contact with terrain.
Sky-Shot Shower Hold B ↑, release Kirby aims straight above him, charging lovely power before releasing it in a rain of five arrows, one of which going straight up and the others darting towards the ground. Good for attacking multiple enemies below Kirby while he's suspended by flight.
Leaping Quiver B (in the air while dashing) With a running start Kirby releases a barrage of three arrows in succession to the ground before him, good for attacking at mid-range.
Retreat Barrage < B In an attempt to fall back from the enemy, Kirby flaps his wings infront of him causing him to move a good space backwards. While in motion, Kirby will also fire three arrows in succession.
Arrow Slash B → In desperation, Kirby does a lunge while swinging his bow out in front of him. This move knocks enemies away from Kirby and the lunge has brief invincibility frames, allowing Kirby to get enemies off of him and pass through other dangers as well, at the cost of leaving him open a bit afterwards.



Cutter (Icon)
Cutter (Icon)

A boomerang that returns to your hand after being thrown. You can charge it up, steer its flight path upward or downward, and use it to cut ropes!

Cutter Kirby


Doctor Kirby



ESP Kirby PlanetRobobot


The Fighter ability is no joke, with tons of techniques to bring down the biggest baddies! Keep an eye out for opponents to knock out as you fight your way to the top!

Fighter Kirby


A flaming ability that burns white hot! Light the fuse, roll into a fireball, and scorch through the air with a bang. Embrace the blistering flames of Fireball Inferno!

Fire Kirby KDL3D


A giant hammer on loan from the king himself. Pound boulders into dust, or knock stakes flat into the ground. Send out a fiery burst with a special technique--the decisive Hammer Flip!

Hammer Kirby KDL3D


Hook Icon
Hook Icon


Move Input Description Damage
Grapple Hook B hold, release Kirby detaches the hook from his arm sending it flying forth connected by a tether, returning back to Kirby when it reaches it's apex. When an enemy or object is struck it will be reeled in towards Kirby for him to defeat with close combat or collect. The trajectory of the hook can also be aimed during the move's charge period. 8
Grapple Kick B (prior to grappling something with Grapple Hook) With the enemy or object hooked on, Kirby opposed to reeling it in will reel himself towards it with a kick. After making contact Kirby kicks off the foe taking no damage himself. 12
Swiping Hook B Kirby swipes his hook in a forward arc, a highly spammable attack that allows for racking up damage. 6
Super Hook B > Kirby does short lunge before him, swinging his hook overhead and sticking into the enemy. While fast and powerful, Kirby will take lag afterwards as his hook becomes stuck in the ground. 18
Anchors Aweigh B down in midair Kirby detatches his hook towards the floor, the hook falling right below him. Upon making contact with the floor or an enemy, Kirby will be pulled straight down to his hook headfirst. 12


Freeze enemies with Ice Breath, and then send them packing with an Ice Kick! You can also glide gracefully along the ground with Ice Skate.




Be a leaf on the wind with this sharp ability. Spin up a torrent of dancing leaves to slice and dice, or activate your Guard and-- Hey, where'd you go?!

Leaf Kirby3D





Reinforcements have been called in from a nearby ninja village! Slide into the shadows, and vanish in the darkness. When the time is right, unleash the Blossom Storm technique!

Ninja Kirby KDL3D


Guard against falling objects, or take a floaty stroll through the air. You can also spray water to attack enemies or put out fires.

Parasol Kirby


Spark Kirby KDL3D




Just...three more minutes. I'm just so...yawwwwn...sleepy.

KTD Sleep


The spear is a true warrior's weapon. Multispear Attack! Spear Throw! Moon Drop! The spear ability puts all these moves and more at your disposal. You can even use the spear underwater!

Copy kirby spear


Kirby rocks with the Stone ability! Slide down slopes and squash your enemies in seconds flat! With so many possible transformations, who knows what he'll turn into next!

Stone Kirby KDL3D


Don a green hat and take sword in hand! Spin Slash! Do a Sword Dive as your finishing strike! It's all about the flourish.

Sword Kirby



Don a green hat and take sword in hand! Spin Slash! Do a Sword Dive as your finishing strike! It's all about the flourish.

Wheel Kirby 3D


This adventurous Copy Ability comes with a cool hat and a whip with a long reach, allowing you to pull enemies and items to you in a snap!



This tricky ability features a variety of high-flying moves! Soar through the air with Shuttle Loop, and attack your opponents from above!

Wing Kirby KDL3D


DANGER! Use caution when handling this ability. It can be used only once, so make it count!

Crash (Artwork)

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