Opening Theme: Kirby is back and he's ready to roll! But Marx wants to the star of the show! Meta Knight and Dedede put up a fight! If they were at it, they could go all night! Get... Ready...For... KIRRRRRRRRRRRBY!!!

*screen zooms into Dream Land and shows Cappies on the street, walking, talking, and shopping. We look around to see Kirby walking around town, grinning at everyone he sees.

Cappies: Hello, Kirby! Greetings, Kirby! May I interest you in a brand new farm-made apple?

*Kirby nods and takes the apple. He takes a bite and hugs the Cappy that sold him it.

Cappy: I guess that means you like it.

Kirby: Poyo, poyo!

*As Kirby walks away, we zoom into space, where we see a red meteor heading for the spot where Kirby is!

*The meteor lands and explodes. The street is filled with smoke until someone puts the fire out with some water.

???: I see you still have a big stomach, Kirby. Well, will it be able to digest... THIS?!?

*Suddenly, a blast of rainbow magic hits Kirby right in the face, and a shadow appears. Kirby is extremly suprised to see Marx, an old enemy.

Marx: Not done yet? Well, how about a nice razor sharp scar on your eye?

* Marx attempts to claw Kirby, but fails. Marx then breaks out into a flying frenzy of moves and magic, all missing Kirby. Finally, Marx jumps, spins around, and reveals his form Kirby Super Star.

* Kirby then runs away from Marx and jumps over the fire balls that Marx is throwing at him.

*Meanwhile, at Castle Dedede, King Dedede is napping and hears some, "BOOM!" outside.

"King Dedede: WADDLE DOO! What's with all the racket? I can't relax!

"Waddle Doo: Sir, something is going on in the Cappy Town streets!

"King Dedede: Well, get the troops! Tell whoever is attacking to STOP!

  • The Waddle Troops are driving to Cappy Town and see Kirby running from Marx. This suprises them, but they attack, anyway.
  • Marx sees the Waddle Troops and burns them. Most of them run away, but some stay and fight. Suddenly, King Dedede rides down to the village and stops his limo.

Marx: I have some tricks up my sleeves, Kirby! Prepare to be teloported!

  • Marx then gathers black sparks of magic that grow bigger and bigger. Soon, Kirby is taken by the portal and sent far away from Dreamland.
  • When Kirby wakes up, he is near a fountain with rainbows. Everything looks so peaceful, so quiet, so cute. Then Kirby hears a voice.

???: Hi! I'm Prince Heartly!

Next time on Kirby: The Animated Series, we take a bigger step back to Dreamland!

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