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Kirby: Dream Land's Hope
Game logo.
Developer(s) HAL Labs.
Shooting Star Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
TBA 2016
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Media CD icon Optical Disk
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input WiiUButton-GamePad Wii U GamePad
Wii and Nunchuk Wii Remote & Nunchuk

Kirby: Dream Land's Hope (also known as Kirby of the Stars: Dream Land Hope in Japan) is an upcoming platformer Kirby game for the Wii U. The game is going to be released sometime in 2016 and is in development by HAL Labs. and Shooting Star Studios. It's confirmed that the game will support amiibo in some way. 


The game is going to be a combination between 3D and 2.5D sidescroller, in a similar fashion to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The game features 3D models with a very friendly, bright and childish theme, as the characters, background and the environment will be covered in different textures such as paper, fabric, yarn, etc.. However, this is not caused by anything involving the story and is just a cosmetic variation.

The game plays similarly to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and the cancelled Kirby game for Nintendo GameCube. You are able to play as KirbyMeta KnightRibbonAdeleineKing Dedede and a new character named Kotohime. Every character plays differently and have their advantages and disadvantages. Like in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby will be able to turn enemies into his helpers, and if there are no other characters playing, he can have up to 3 helpers with each one being controlled by the CPU or by real players. Other players also have their ways of summoning help: Meta Knight can summon Sword KnightBlade Knight and Ax Knight when the power of his Galaxia is fullfilled. Ribbon is able to call her fairy friends when defeating certain enemies. Adeleine is able paint enemies to help her when defeating them. King Dedede can call his servants such as Bandanna DeeSword Doo and Waddle Daa whenever he has defeated enough enemies. And Kotohime can defeat enemies and revive them in the form of a Bunny as part of her kind.

The game levels are somewhat large, with various secrets and ways to explore in them. There will be 6 lands Kirby will explore, and the last one which is in a mysterious spaceship. Copy Ability movesets return and new moves for abilities can be learned, kinda like in Squeak Squad. A new addition is the Warp Star portion of levels. The Warp Star zones will have the playable characters riding on a Warp Star in some kind of obstacle course that differs depending on the level it is. When entering this zone, a new score is displayed and depending on how well the player does in the Warp Star zone, the rewards at the end will vary. A new ability Kirby eventually learns during the journey is the Matter Rift ability, in which he is able to disintegrate a certain blocking area of the screen in order to progress, but only after receiving the Matter Sword items. Some special enemies have to be defeated by this ability after getting special Matter Swords that can be used for longer.


The peaceful Dream Land has been very worried and scared lately, a mysterious Spaceship has been stalking the whole land for more than a week, and the people of Dream Land have started to fear a possible attack from it. Kirby, like the curious Popopo he is, decided to follow the Spaceship. The being that controls the ship noticed Kirby's desire to discover what is behind the Spaceship, so it just started to attack Kirby, sending him flying away. Kirby was lying unconscious on the ground, but was awakened by Meta Knight who was along with a female bunny. The bunny introduced herself to Kirby as Kotohime, the rabbit princess. She told him that the Spaceship already started to cause disaster. Meta Knight informed Kirby that the being behind the Spaceship isn't like any other, it might be a powerful entity from another planet, or even another dimension as its powers are unbelievable. This spaceship released a powerful magic that started to steal the souls of the victims that breathe this magic, turning them into stones, including Kotohime's people.

Meta Knight told Kirby that he was able to escape the dark magic and save Kotohime, but that they must stop the culprit behind it and halt the magic, as it may hopefully return the souls to their owners and release them from their stone prisons. So Kirby, Meta Knight and Kotohime decided to start their new odyssey to stop the mysterious being from stealing all life from Dream Land, and probably all Pop Star.

More coming soon...


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability/es Helpers
Kirby KDLH Kirby The hero of Dream Land will never let it lose hope. Kirby is ready to save his people from becoming stone statues and will do whatever is possible to stop the culprit, using his many Copy Abilities with his powerful inhale. Inhale & Copy Abilities Kirby can turn certain enemies into helpers by sacrificing his current copy ability.
Meta Knight After surviving the dangers of the unknown spaceship and saving Kotohime, Meta Knight helps Kirby during his quest in order to stop the stone chaos, using his great sword techniques. Various sword (Galaxia) moves. Summons Sword, Blade and Ax Knights when the power of his Galaxia fullfills
Kotohime Kotohime, the Rabbit princess of the Usagi Kingdom. Being considered a sacred entity and a goddess to her servants due to her miraculous powers, she owns the abilities of transformation and reviving. Kotohime is not able to float or fly, but her jumps are the highest in the game. Magic abilities, mimicking. Defeats enemies and revives them as Bunnies to help her.
King Dedede King Dedede, the self-proclamed "King" of Dream Land. This stubborn penguin helps Kirby again after being saved in the first world. King Dedede comes with a powerful inhale (although he cannot copy abilities like Kirby) and use his powerful hammer to defeat most enemies. Various hammer moves, Inhale. Calls Bandanna Dee, Sword Doo and Waddle Daa when defeating enough enemies.
Ribbon Ribbon returns to help her friend Kirby in his new adventure. After being saved from the attack on her home planet Ripple Star, Ribbon joins Kirby with her ability to fly and use her shard gun. Temporary flying, Shard Gun Calls her fairy friends when defeating certain enemies.
Adeleine Adeleine, the aspiring artist of Pop Star, was turned into stone and was captive in another planet along with many other victims. After she is saved and tuned back to her original self, she joins Kirby with her magic painting abilities.

Painting items, other useful objects and helpers.

Paints her own helpers after defeating them.

Other Major Characters

Tables coming soon.

  • Shadow Kirby
  • Sargeant Archie
  • General Bard
  • Blitzoul
  • Veigar
  • Andaedra


Normal Enemies

Enemies defeated with the Matter Rift ability




  • Efreeti (Spark)
  • Mr. Frosty (Ice)
  • Master Green
  • Bugzzy (Suplex)
  • Bonkers (Hammer)
  • Fire Lion (Fire)
  • Poppy Bros Sr. (Bomb)
  • Dubior (UFO)
  • Chef Kawasaki (Cook)
  • Mr. Tick Tock (Clock)
  • Iron Mam (Mace)
  • Phan Phan (Suplex)
  • Box Boxer (Fighter)
  • Gao Gao (Animal)
  • Tedhaun (Ghost)


  • Miss Macroba (Baton)
  • Alteror (Gravity)
  • Atomiko (Nuclear)
  • Bushy (Leaf)
  • Clairvoid (Psychic)
  • Sand Hand (Sand)
  • Sensuke (Fan)
  • Mekareza 2.0. (Robot)
  • Brooma (Clean)
  • Shako (Circus)


Copy Abilities

New Copy Abilities

Copy Ability Helper Description Notes Icon
Axe Ax Knight

Allows Kirby to do various slashing techniques with his ax. He is able to cut small trees and ropes.

Can cut ropes and be used underwater. Axe Icon KDL3D
Baton Baton Waddle Dee Kirby can use a baton to do various acrobatic moves. He can also twirl into an enemy and manipulate them around until they're defeated. Can be used underwater.
Clock Relojet Lets Kirby stop the time temporarily. Everything, including enemies and obstacles will stop moving. Can only be used two times. While everything stops moving, Kirby can still attack and defeat foes. This ability doesn't work in Boss battles, but it does work with Mid-Bosses. Clock Icon KDL3D
Cloud Mr. Dustard
Allows Kirby to create cloudy platforms and ride on them. Kirby can also summon lightnings under his clouds and blow wind. The cloud platforms disappear after a short period of time. 
Gravity Uppadon Kirby is able to move under platforms and over walls as well as fall slowly. He can also alter enemies' gravity. None
Mace Mace Knight Lets Kirby spin and throw a mace around at foes. It can break special obstacles. Kirby is slightly slower than usual due to the mace's weight. Mace Icon KDL3D
Meteor Pyroro
Lets Kirby charge and shoot meteorites from his volcano hat. He can spit small meteorites to hit enemies and walk on lava. Kirby can increase the size of his meteorites if tilting the analog stick from left to right.
Nuclear Toxiko
Allows Kirby to spit a dangerous gas that can alter or destroy certain special obstacles. When Kirby is touched or directly attacked by enemies, he deals damage to them. While Kirby can damage opponents when he's touched, he still receives damage from enemies.
Psychic Psychic Waddle Doo Kirby is able to shoot psychic blasts and psychically manipulate objects and enemies that were hit by the blasts. Kirby can manipulate only one thing at once.
Ring HulaHula Kirby can use a ring and perform various moves with it. He can also throw another ring that can bounce off walls. If the ring touches an enemy, they trap them in. Only one ring can be thrown at a time.
Robot Mekareza 1.0. Allows Kirby to shoot homing missiles towards enemies, as well as charge electric balls. The electric balls increase in size the more they're charged.
Sand Grispy Lets Kirby move faster than normal. He can also run on quicksands normally and can crumble with the wind and rebuild himself in other distances. None Sand Icon KDL3D
Sensu (Fan) Abaniko Allows Kirby to perform various techniques with his sensu fans. Kirby can hit enemies extremely quickly with them. None
Vampire Blobat Allows Kirby to ambush enemies and drain their health. Kirby can also turn into a tiny bat and fly around. When in bat form, Kirby is able to get past tiny passages that cannot be reached normally.
Wizard Wizz Kirby can use various magic spells to defeat enemies. Kirby's attacks have a 50% chance of turning an enemy into an object and 30% chance of turning them into food.. None
Wood Whispy Trunk Kirby is able to manipulate tree roots and treetrunks to attack enemies. The roots can trap enemies and immobilize them.

Returning Copy Abilities

Copy Ability Helper Description Notes Icon
Animal Gaw Gaw Allows Kirby to dig into the ground and find stuff underground. None Animal Icon KDL3D
Beam Waddle Doo Lets Kirby release a beam that attacks enemies within its range. None Beam (icon)
Beetle Beetley Kirby can use the horn on his helmet to attack and impale enemies. He can also fly by flapping his wings that appear on the back of his helmet. None BeetleKirby
Bell Dingle Allows Kirby to smack enemies with his bells and send out hurtful sound waves. He can also throw bouncing bells. Kirby can protect himself with his bell hat, if he's touched while guarding, the bell will also send out hurtful sound waves. BellIcon
Bomb Poppy Bro. Jr. Allows Kirby to throw bombs or set one down, which explode either after a short time or when it touches an enemy. None Bomb (Icon)
Bubble Bubble Head
Allows Kirby to send an array of bubbles to turn his enemies into bubbles, making them fly away, or easier to swallow them. None Bubble Icon KDL3D
Circus Clown Acrobot Allows Kirby to perform various circus-related abilities to harm enemies. None CircusKirby
Clean Broom Hatter Allows Kirby to hurt enemies with the broom itself, as well as cause white dust clouds to be raised in front of Kirby, which act as harmful projectiles. Kirby cannot move while cleaning.
Cook None Allows Kirby to put all of the enemies in screen inside of the pot, and turn them into food. This one-use ability turns all normal enemies on-screen into food. The only drawback is that it is powerless against mid-bosses or bosses.
Crash None Immediately defeats all enemies on the screen. Can only be used once. This ability comes only from Bomber, a rare enemy. Crash (Icon)
Cupid Tenshee Allows Kirby to fly using angel wings and shoot arrows at his foes, which may cut the strings of platforms. None
Cutter Sir Kibble Lets Kirby throw boomerang cutters at enemies, which can cut ropes or strings. Move can be charged, causing the boomerang cutter to become bigger. Cutter (Icon)
Fighter Knucke Joe Enables Kirby to perform a variety of martial arts-based moves against opponents, as well as shoot an orb, which can be charged up against enemies. None Fighter (Icon)
Fire Fire Head
Heat Phanphan
Allows Kirby to shoot fire breath, burning any enemies within its distance and letting him light the fuses of cannons. Kirby can also launch himself forward in the form of a fireball, like Burning from past games. Fire Kirby can light the fuses of cannons, a trait it shares with Jet, Hammer and Meteor. Fire (Icon)
Freeze Chilly Allows Kirby to create a cold force field around him that freezes enemies. Freeze Kirby can turn enemies into Ice Cubes and kick them, just like Ice Kirby. However, unlike the Ice ability, Freeze Kirby can also do this underwater, but it replaces the ability of spitting water. Freeze Icon KDL3D
Ghost None Allows Kirby to possess enemies and use their attacks, as well as use them as a shield if he gets attacked. Kirby can also launch himself forwards with invisibility, allowing him to get past certain objects and walls. The Ghost ability is very rare, and can only be obtained by defeating the Ghost-like mid-boss hidden in secret rooms in levels, similar to U.F.O. That boss is located in only 3 stages in the whole game.
Hammer Bonkers Using a large hammer, Kirby can attack enemies and pound stakes into the ground. Hammer Kirby can light the fuses of cannons when his mallet is on fire, and can also pound stakes into the ground like Stone Kirby. The hammer can be used underwater. Hammer icon
Hi-Jump Starman Allows Kirby to jump high distances, attacking any enemies along the way. None HiJump icon
Ice Pengi Lets Kirby freeze enemies into ice cubes with his chilly breath, as well as freeze water. This ability allows Kirby to freeze enemies in an ice cube and then kick the ice cube, potentially hitting other enemies with it. Ice (Icon)
Jet Capsule J2 Allows Kirby to perform one of several jet-based attacks. He can charge and also can light up fuses. Like spark, charging this ability up makes it more powerful, although Jet is charged with the B button instead of the stick. It can be used to light fuses.
Laser Laser Ball Allows Kirby to shoot lasers from a special headband. The laser can also bounce off of hills, hitting another direction. None
Leaf Leafan Lets Kirby shoot swirling leaves, and throwing them mostly in like a vortex fashion, and works similarly to boomerang cutters. None Leaf (Icon)
Magic Magnifee Allows Kirby to perform various magical tricks such as throwing cards, freeing pigeons to attack, etc. None
Metal Metarun Makes Kirby turn into metal, where he can either turn into a ball, or attack regular enemies by merely walking into them. Kirby is almost invincible with this ability, as he can walk into enemies, on spikes, lava and other obstacles. However, Bosses and Mid-Bosses are the exception, as Metal Kirby is vulnerable to them. Metal Icon KDL3D
Mike None Lets Kirby sing his favorite song and defeats all enemies on screen. Can be used three times. Acts similar to crash, but can be used three times, each time more powerful than the last. Mike (Icon)
Mirror Simirror Lets Kirby create mirror images of himself to confuse enemies and perform multiple attacks at once. The mirrors can change the direction of enemies' attacks.
Needle Needlous Lets Kirby extend pointy spikes from his body that protects him from incoming attacks. Kirby can't move while extending his spikes. Needle icon
Ninja Bio Spark Gives Kirby many of the abilities a ninja can have, including the ability to walk on water and shoot shurikens. Ninja Kirby can cut ropes. Ninja (Icon)
Paint None This is a very rare ability that allows Kirby to shoot paintballs everywhere, causing a good damage. This rare ability can be found only in certain boss battles and has different effects depending on what boss it's used on. Paint Icon KDL3D
Parasol Parasol Waddle Dee Wields Kirby with a parasol, which can protect him from many above threats as well as hurt enemies. Parasol can be used underwater, and it also guards attacks. Parasol (Icon)
Sleep None Puts Kirby to sleep for a few seconds, keeping him from moving and leaving him defenseless. However, it can also heal HP. Kirby is vulnerable to any attack while sleeping, although he slightly recovers his health. Sleep icon
Spark Sparky
Plasma Wisp
Grants Kirby the ability to create a force field of electricity around him, which harms enemies, and he can also shoot plasma shots. Plasma shots need to be charged up, like the Jet ability. Spark icon
Spear Spikkun Wields Kirby with a spear that he may use to cut objects such as ropes. Kirby may also throw his spears, usually dashing before executing his attack. The Spears sometimes can bounce on walls instead of sticking into it. Spear (Bar)
Stone Rocky Allows Kirby to assume an invincible rock form, letting him squash foes and pound stakes into the ground, but rendering him immobile until he transforms back. Kirby can't move while he's a stone. He can turn back to normal by pressing B again. Stone (Icon)
Suplex Bugzzy
Lets Kirby to grab an enemy and toss it into another, or kick one from above. Kirby can also throw the enemy into the direction specified with the control stick. Some enemies can bounce on the walls after being tossed. Suplex Icon KDL3D
Sword Blade Knight Wielding a sword, Kirby can slash at his enemies even underwater. Sword Kirby can cut ropes and use his sword underwater. Sword (Icon)
Tornado Twister Enables Kirby to temporarily turn into an invincible tornado, which can hover and harms all enemies it touches. Kirby is totally invincible while turning into and tornado and flying around, even to Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Tornado icon
U.F.O. UFO A rare ability that lets Kirby fly and shoot strong beams and lasers. If he completes an area, the ability is lost. U.F.O, just like Ghost, is a rare ability that can be only obtained by defeating the UFO-like enemy lurking in hidden rooms from some levels. This ability is lost after exiting a level or finishing it. Only 3 stages contain the U.F.O ability.
Water Lique
Water Galbo
Allows Kirby to surf on a form of water he creates, thus being able to easily traverse through lava. He can also neutralize lava blocks (though not lava itself) using the ability. If the player moves the control stick from left to right, the wave will increase its size. Water (Icon)
Wheel Wheelie Turns Kirby into a tire, where he can ride through terrain, hurting any enemy in his path. None Wheel Icon KDL3D
Whip Whippy Wields Kirby with a whip which he can use to attack by lashing out it in several ways. Kirby cannot whip large or heavy enemies such as Metarun, and it also can only damage Bosses and Mid-Bosses, but can't trap them. Whip (Icon)
Wing Flappy
Allows Kirby to perform one of several winged attacks, such as shooting feathers and spread his wings to fly. None Wing icon
Yo-Yo Gim The ability allows Kirby to utilize a yo-yo to smack around enemies from a safe distance. The yo-yo could also pass through walls and floors. None YoYo Icon KDL3D


Level # World Name Number of Stages  Boss/es Description
Level 1 Pop Star Mount Marvelous 5
Level 2 Pop Star Awesome Awesands 6
Level 3 Pop Star Grand Galleon 6
Level 4 Ripple Star Icicle Island 7
Level 5 Ripple Star Cookie Chimney 7
Level 6 Cavius Arclight Arcstar 8
Level 7 Mekkai Locoland 9
Finale Lost Dimension Andaedra's Ship 3
Secret Level Space Grumble Galaxy 10

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