The Kirby: Crystal Reformation Trilogy is a series of Kirby games developed by Pyro Enterprises that are designed to have an ongoing, collective plot and are based around the concept of both innovation (introduction of 3D gameplay into the series) and a return of past elements of the franchise, with most old content being pulled from the Nintendo 64 title Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Plotwise, the Crystal Reformation Trilogy focuses on both the planet Ripple Star and the return of the villainous force known as Dark Matter, who become prime antagonists throughout the trilogy.

The trilogy also contains two additional games referred to as the "Side Duology", which are not related to the primary Dark Matter conflict but are canon to the trilogy in other ways.


The Crystal Reformation Trilogy consists of five games, the primary trilogy and the side duology.

Kirby: Polygon Panic


Kirby: Polygon Panic is the first game in the trilogy, featuring the advent of the trilogy's unique style of 3D Kirby gameplay. The story follows Kirby in an attempt to stop the source of the Polygon Crystals that are corrupting Pop Star and the laws of its reality; eventually, this leads to him discovering his old friend Ribbon as well as the resurgence of Dark Matter, which has the smallest role in this game. Notable updates to the story include:

  • First 3D game in the series.
  • Adeleine's reappearance and first instance of being a full playable character.
  • Ribbon's reappearance.
  • Return of Dark Matter as well as Miracle Matter.
  • Hints towards origin of Galacta Knight.
  • First appearance of the Dream Oracle (in spiritual form).

Kirby: Robobot Revenge


The first game in the Side Duology and a sequel to Kirby: Planet Robobot. Little is known about it currently, save that it will again feature the Robobot Armor, and that the story will feature Kirby allying with former adversary Susie for an unknown reason.

Kirby: Interstellar Icarus

A second 3D title that follows the events of Polygon Panic. Nothing is known aside from the name.


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