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Kirby: Cosmic Liberty
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division, HAL Laboratories.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Genre(s) Platforming, Adventure
Age Rating(s)
E10+, Pegi 7

Kirby: Cosmic Liberty is a new Kirby title in development for the RiiVolution Advance by the combined talents of the Phazonworks Engineering Division and HAL Laboratories. With a formula that takes most 2D Kirby fans by surprise, players can play as more characters than just Kirby, 5 others to be exact.



The Dark Matter suffered a crippling defeat when Kirby and Ribbon used the power of Ripple Star's crystal, so much so, that it had to amass its substance into a single containment suit and becoming a single entity, known as Zero-3. Forced to consume the essence of various stars to regain up to half of its original power, Zero-3 eventually amassed enough strength to gather an army.

And now he's coming for both Pop Star and Ripple Star; Zero-3 means business and Kirby knows it. But with the last debacle involving the Dark Matter, Kirby has more than just his own skillset available: Meta Knight and his Halberd, Ribbon and the Crystal Power, Adeleine's artistic abilities, Waddle Dee's technological expertise, even King Dedede's hammer power. Even if Zero-3 ups the ante for the group, they'll be ready for when he does.

Main Characters

Name Role Story
Kirby Protagonist
Waddle Dee Protagonist
Meta Knight Protagonist
King Dedede Protagonist
Adeleine Protagonist
Ribbon Protagonist
Zero-3 Antagonist

Main Story


Rock Star

Aqua Star

Neo Star

Shiver Star

Gravity Star

Comfy Star


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