A Note from Crossover Kirby: Would you like to see a certain Nintendo, Sega, or Capcom Character in this game? Then feel free to request one on the talk page. The maximum number of characters I am going for is 50. You may also request an original character if you like.

Kirby: All-Star Tennis (Known in Japan as Service! Kirby's Super Tennis (サービス! カービー の極度のテニス) is a video game for the Wii and Nintendo DS that will be released February 18, 2009 in Japan, and Spring 2009 in the Americas. It will star Kirby characters, from both the games and anime, as well as other Nintendo characters and third party characters!


Kirby Series

Mario Series

Sonic Series

Mega Man Series

Zelda Series

Phantasy Star Series

Pokemon Series


The courts will be based off of various locales in the Kirby series, but there will be a few hidden ones that hail from other series, such as Green Hill Zone and Pokemon Stadium.


The game uses the same engine as Mario Power Tennis for the GameCube, so each character will have a skill type and two special shots, one for offence and another for defense. The Wii version controls like Wii Sports, where your character moves by himself or herself and you swing the Wii Remote to hit the ball, in addition to Classic and GameCube control support. The DS version will have an option to either use the buttons to move and hit the ball, or have your character move automatically and use the Touch Screen to hit the ball. There are also rumors of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection being used.

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