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Kirby and Ribbon

Kirby's return ! But you are not alone ! Kirby,Meta Knight and King DeDeDe will stomp chaos nightmares !


Kirby running from DeDeDe with his cake sees Meta Knight at stone who rescuses him. The next while friends sees a... Nightmare ! Then Nightmare uses powers and locks Kirby in nightmare land. Now the friends must find portal to dream land defeating Nightmare.

Bosses and worlds

Nightmare Woods(Whispy Woods)-Wild Woods

Nonono & Nanana(Lololo & Lalala)-Nightmare Nastle(castle)

Nebula(Kaboola)-Nightmare's NightMoon

Nacko(Kracko)-Sky-mare sky

Dark DeDeDe-Alternative DeDeDe's Castle

Nightmare-Nightmare's Lair

True/Worst Nightmare-The Final Showdown

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