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All copy abilities in Kirby:Shadow Knights Heart.



"I'm too hot to handle! Go ahead! Touch my hat!"

Move How to Description Damage
Flame Breath

Hold B


Kirby spews out fire from his mouth.He can move it around too. 9 (Per Hit)
Comet Dash B+Dash Kirby becomes a comet,dashing and hurting enemies. 20
Fire Dart Tap B quickly after Flame Breath. Kirby shoots a flaming arrow that puts an area on fire the place it hits.

14 (Dart)

9 (Fire)

Up Ball Up during Flame Breath Kirby dashes up in flames.

Fire Swallow


B Near Enemy Kirby eats an enemy. 60



B after Fire Swallow Kirby spits out a foe as an inferno. 46
Lava Walk Dpad on lava Kirby walks on lava N/A

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