Kirby's Universe Journey is a new kirby game for Wii U, and ROC.


Kirby&Warp Star


Kirby (with Warp Star)


Kirby and his friends King Dedede, Metaknight, and Bandanna Dee were playing in the meadow, when there was an earthquake! The quake rippled the very fabric of the universe! A small figure comes out and says, "You Four! You must be heroes! My name is Short-Stop, and a vicious and powerful being called Horribot has disrupted the galaxy! I need your help to stop him!". The four accepted the challenge, and were off to collect The Stiches of Space!


In this game, You travel in the many universes of Kirby such as Patch Land, The Distant Dimension, etc. At the end of some levels, you will encounter an old friend of Kirby, and they will help you as playable characters.

Playable Characters

Unlockable Characters


Your employer! He's not playable, but he does give you things like Mini-Games and Challenges.

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