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Kirby's Ultimate Adventure
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) LYON Games
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform
Series Kirby

Kirby's Ultimate Adventure is a canceled game by LYON Games. Like the console it was planned to be released on, the Nintendo Alpha, it was part of LYON Games' Project New Year.


The game will be an enhanced remake of Kirby's Adventure for the NES. Most of the old features will be kept, but a new area (World 4, Donut Desert), game mode, and three new copy abilities. One of the changed features will be the health bar - it will be changed to a more modern version of the health bar. Copy abilities will not be lost immediately when Kirby is hit, instead, they will be lost after two hits. Kirby will also have hats like modern games.


  • A: Jump
  • A (repetitive): Float
  • B: Inhale/Spit out/Attack
  • D-pad/Left stick down: Crouch/Copy (if enemy is in mouth)
  • D-pad/Left stick: Move


  • World 1: Vegetable Valley
  • World 2: Ice Cream Island
  • World 3: Butter Building
  • World 4: Donut Desert
  • World 5: Grape Garden
  • World 6: Yogurt Yard
  • World 7: Orange Ocean
  • World 8: Rainbow Resort
  • World 9: Fountain of Dreams

Copy Abilities

Name Image Description
Beam Kirby
Beam Kirby KDL3D
The basic copy ability of the Kirby series. Allows Kirby to fire a beam.
Stone Kirby
Stone Kirby
Allows Kirby to body slam enemies.
Fire Kirby
120px-Fire Kirby KRTDL
Allows Kirby to breathe fire, or turn into a fireball. Your choice!
Laser Kirby
Laser kirby
Allows Kirby to shoot a laser, which can bounce off of slopes.
Light Kirby Image not available Allows Kirby to illuminate a dark room
Crash Kirby
Crash Kirby
A one-use ability, Kirby creates an explosion, defeating all on-screen enemies.
Mike Kirby
A three-use ability, Kirby can destroy all on-screen enemies by... singing?
Sword Kirby
Sword Kirby
Allows Kirby to slice and dice enemies.
Cutter Kirby
Cutter (Artwork)
Allows Kirby to use a blade that acts like a boomerang.
UFO Kirby Image not available Allows Kirby to fly around and capture enemies and blocks.
Hi-Jump Kirby
Hi-Jump Kirby
Allows Kirby to leap through the air.

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