Kirby's Twilightland

Kirby's Twilightland is a upcoming game for Nintendo Wii


The story takes place in another universe were a alternate Pop Star planet called Burn Star. Inside the planet is a country called Twilightland. A alternate human verison of Kirby named Kaabii protected Twilightland from the planet's ruler, Prince Dracko(a dragon verison of King Dedede). When a starship of unkown origins crash landed on Burn Star. Kaabii and his cobra friend named Epic Cobra went to check out starship. Prince Dracko was already there. When the starship's door opened revealed a fairy named Kitten(who simiair to Ribbon). Kaabii saw that she was wounded and took her to Castle Dracko. She awaken a few days later and told Kaabii that a evil Drak Matter named Peacock is taking over Burn Star. Kaabii, Epic Cobra, and Prince Dracko set out to defeat this Dark Matter commander.


Best Wishes- Stage 1

Crusher Clouds- Stage 2

Shark Sea- Stage 3

Burning Temple- Stage 4

Dark Earth- Stage 5


Wind Woods


Fire Shark

Dark Matee



Kaabii- Is a human verison of Kirby. He's 3 years old and made friends with Epic Cobra and Prince Dracko. He can absorbed his enemies and become the element he touch.

Epic Cobra- Is Kaabii's childhood friend. He met Kaabii after fighting him to eat Kaabii. Kaabii know Epic Cobra very well like the other last chances to kill and eat Kaabii. He has greedy and bold nature. The only thing he scare of is Prince Dracko.

Prince Dracko- Is Kaabii's long time nemsis and antagonist in Kirby's Advent in Twlightland. He a power hungry dragon prince and rules over Burn Star. He fought Kaabii once in Kaabii's first apperance. He sometimes threats Kaabii that if his don't follow his planet rules. He's battle Kaabii in a few seconds.

Kitten- Is a Kaabii's friend and crush. She appeared in a starship that she uses to escape from Peacock. She slowly grew a romantic crush on Kaabii. Before Kaabii left, she gave him a real kiss and Kaabii was love stucked and vowed to defeat Peacock.

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