Kirby's Snowy Journey is a game that involves a rather simple story, as in the next section. It influences younger players to learn all about the simple Kirby controls and get to know the game a bit better.

The story starts with Kirby, Mr. Dooter, Fatty Puffer, Goriath, Metal General and all other kinds of characters playing in winter fields, before Kirby crashes his brand-new sledge (which his parents only just gave him) into an avalanche, tearing it to 120 pieces that are scattered over Popstar.


  • Walk: D-Pad
  • Run: Tap D-Pad twice quickly, then hold
  • Stockpile: 1
  • Inhale: Enemy nearby during Stockpile
  • Spit Up: 1 with a full mouth
  • Gulp: Down with a full mouth
  • Copy: Gulp an enemy with an ability (See copy abilities later)
  • Jump: 2
  • Float: Hold 2 or Up
  • Air Puff: 1 while floating
  • Swim: D-Pad + 2
  • Bubble: 1 underwater
  • Enter Door: Up
  • Use Ladder: Up/Down
  • Crouch: Down
  • Slide: 1/2 while crouching
  • Block: A/B
  • Discard Power: -
  • Pause: +


Name Image Attacks
Kirby Kirby has all the above attacks. He can float, swallow, bounce and copy enemy powers.
Mr. Dooter Mr. Dooter is a little like Bomb Kirby, juggling purple bombs before making them detonate in front of enemies. Plus he does repeated jumps rather than floating.
Fatty Puffer Fatty Puffer is a little like Water Kirby, with all kinds of attacks. However, he rolls to move (He can still surf) and is slightly bigger, making him slower.
Goriath Goriath is a little like Fighter Kirby, having twelve different Fighter attacks (Missing Instant Mega Force Blast, Fighter Grab, Karate Throw and Judo Throw) and the ability to cling onto walls, doing Vulcan Jabs from there.

Copy Abilities

Name Image Appearance Attacks
Sword Wears a floppy green hat Slices up and down, launching sword beams at full health
Beam Wears a jester's hat with two polka-dotted branches Shoots stars in a whip-like fashion, also able to fire comets
Burning Wears a tiara of flames held by a headband with a sapphire on his forhead Can surge forwards, covered in flares. You can navigate movement, too
Freeze Wears a warm brown hood with white fluff on the inside Can make immobilizing fields around him, turning enemies into glass. To get rid of a glass enemy, kick him
Hammer Wears a headband of blue fabric Can smash a rubber mallet down, or set it alight and flip it. He can even throw the mallet, losing the power
Wing Wears a tiara with jungle feathers on it Floating is replaced by a 'Hover Flap' and Kirby can also toss enemies in the air
Hi-Jump Wears a long cape, blue on one side and red on the other Able to use Rocket Leaps to quickly move up, and Rocket Dives to surge back down
Needle Wears a red helmet with a visor and chin strap Able to stick to surfaces with the prickles hidden in his helmet, or fire them all out
Ghost Wears a cape, similar to that of Hi-Jump's, but purple and white Able to pass through walls and access bonus rooms
Whip Wears a red cowboy hat Able to snatch items off foes holding them and make giant hurricanes to attack
Parasol None, but holds an umbrella in one hand Able to drift gently downward rather than drop quickly down
Bomb Wears a blue party hat resembling that of Poppy Brother Senior Able to throw giant black bombs that do massive splash damage to foes
Water Wears a tiara with a geyser on it Able to surf on lava and water, or hover while spraying water jets
Fighter Wears a superhero mask with stars on it Able to do all kinds of attacks, which (mostly) become stronger the longer you hold 1.
Ninja Wears a silver welding mask with a purple rim Able to cling to walls and throw ninja stars from there
Smash Has a '5' drawn on his forehead with chalk

Able to do attacks he has in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Cook done by holding 1

Plasma Wears a tiara with green fire on it Able to charge energy by shaking the remote, before launching many kinds of plasma needles and beams
Tornado Wears a crown with a hurricane on it Able to spin through the air, invincible while doing so
Magic Wears a magic hat No one knows. But you lose your power instantly
Zombie Wears a dreary halo Able to turn random enemies into helpers for you
Rainbow Wears a tiara with coloured metal on it Able to make bullets, beams and ballistas of colour, making bridges over gaps
Animal Wears a fluffy hood that looks like a wild dog Able to dig through charcoal, snow, cloud and other similar stuff with repeated swipes
Cupid Wears a pair of angel wings and a halo Able to fire arrows. Holding 1 shoots it further, and shaking while holding fires three arrows at once.
Crystal Wears a helmet with gemstones on Able to command crystals to attack, similar to the boss Pix
Psychic Wears a lavender/lilac baseball cap forwards Able to make beams that confuse enemies, or see an attack and make a random enemy take it later


Name Image Appearance Attacks
Poppy Brother Senior A jester in an outfit coloured to suit the weapon he is holding. This guy just uses whatever he's holding to fight, giving a power based on his weapon by swallowing the stars he leaves behind.
Mr. Frosty An oversized walrus with obvious snowman-like features Mr. Frosty is able to create ice storms, breathe frost and make it rain icicles.
Bonkers A purple gorilla holding a rubber mallet He just attacks with exploding coconuts that give Bomb. He can also set his mallet ablaze and hit the ground with it, giving Burning from the stars.
Shadow Mite A Shadow Mite is a gigantic, smoky clone of Player One, from another dimension Shadow Mites steal the powers of their reality. The fight is going to be like a small version of the Kirby's Adventure Wii Battle against however Player One is, though the battle varies on the area if Player One is Kirby.
Yamikage Yamikage is a silent ninja who's suit makes him look like a shadow Yamikage attacks with lots of ninja attacks, especially tossing metal boomerangs.
Bugzzy A cute blue bug who was mutated to a gigantic size Bugzzy hates life around him and behaves like Wing Kirby, leaving behind stars when he lands. He also has a ton of Fighter Kirby's attacks.
Max Flexer A dancer who looks like he had an accident in a candyfloss bar He attacks with lots of special attacks, leaving stars that give random abilities like Hi-Jump or Smash.
Phantomizer A phantom with a shifting white cape Phantomizer is powerful, dashing around with a kind of 'sword' attack that shows white slash lines and grating metal sounds when it hits.
Zombonator Similar to a Big Waddle Dee, though he is lifeless with dark colours Zombonator can bite you. It kills Player One, but it makes Player Two fight for him. He is similar to Zombie Kirby, leaving stars that give Zombie.
King Doo A giant Waddle Doo with a maddening purple eye and a thick crimson robe King Doo can use all of Beam's attacks, as well as make comets bounce around different spots and finally attack, giving Plasma if eaten.


Name Image Description
King Dedede King Dedede is a fat penguin who rules over most of Planet Popstar. He attacks by swinging a hammer and blowing heavy wind puffs.
Pix Pix is an abandoned statue, designed like a prince. He is over-frosted and made into pure evil by Dark Spirit, attacking by making it rain gemstones (Give Crystal) and commanding a Golem to fight for him.
Acro Acro is a giant killer whale who's undersea grotto was iced by Dark Spirit. She can spit many stuff like Gordos, bones and rotten fish, or backflip and ettempt to squash Kirby and his pals.
Avaman Once Magman, Avaman is a huge creature entirely made of snow. He attacks by blowing ice beams, melting into the ground and dropping lumpy icicles from the cieling. After he hits half health, you battle him underwater, him merged into the arena. He can blow water jets and missiles from here, or shroud himself in a snowflake and surge towards the group.
Paint Roller Paint Roller is an inspired artist who somewhat ended up drifted out of another dimension and into our world by Dark Spirit. What a dream battle! He attacks by using a roller to paint balloons, apples, bombs, notes, parasols, clouds, cars and so on to fight. You cannot harm him-he collapses after you have survived all his attacks.
Meta Knight A mysterious winged warrior who flew away from a terrifying drift through space, only to be caught by Dark Spirit along the way. He attacks with odd mix-ups of Sword Kirby's attacks-Like a jump, Spin Slash, Chop and Thrust, Final Cutter Combo, or doing a Meta Triple Slash, Upward Slash and Hover Flap, quickly followed by a Condor Dive! At half health, he gets possessed again, covered in acid. After that, all attacks poison Kirby.
Masked Dedede The jumping fatter version of Dedede in a giant mask. He has stronger attacks that burn, freeze, paralyse and poison, as well as three new and scary ones.
Dark Spirit The mastermind behind the rest of the game, Dark Spirit is a massive smoky ghost that had stolen the power of Metal General and added it to his. He makes lightning bolts, saucers, rockets and lightsabres from his shady arm, doing great damage. In his first form, his surprisingly low health bar makes him weak and simple to defeat, but when he gets to his second form, Metal General wakes up and throws you his Multi-Cyber-Katana at you, to grab and gain the 'Multi-Cyber-Katana' power (Which is similar to some of his attacks, varying on how long you hold 1 and what you hold it with) to defeat Dark Spirit with.

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