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Kirby's Return to Dreamland 2 (SuperYoshi8's version)

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Kirby:He has the ability to eat and copy enemies

Meta knight:He can use a sword to attack enemies he plays like sword kirby

King dedede:He uses a hammer to attack enemies he Plays like hammer kirby

Knuckle Joe:He punches enemies he replaces waddle de and plays like fighter kirby


King dedede asks for the most powerful monster nightmareinterprizes has it's called the clapper and it's a giant seal it thinks it's to powerful to work king dedede to is mind controll all the waddle des decides to take over pop star meanwhile Knuckle Joe is greeted by Kirby and Meta knight when king dedede lands from being clapped from his castle to kirby's house he explains what happens to him after that they run off on a adventure

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