KRTDL2 is the fanon sequel to an actual Wii game, Kirby's Return to Dreamland.


Coming soon

Playable Characters

Image Name Copy Ability
Kirby Popstar Crossover
Kirby None
Prince Fluff Yarn
Meta Knight Sword
KRtDL Waddle Dee-1-
Bandana Dee Spear

Copy Abilities

Name Super Ability Enemies obtained from.... Moveset
Leaf Leaf Storm
Fire Monster Flame
Water Tsunami
Spark Electric Charge
Freeze Snow Bowl
Sword Ultra Sword
Cutter Hyper Cutter
Bomb Mega Bomb
Whip N/A
Spear N/A
Beam Flare Beam
Mirror N/A
Copy N/A
Needle Needle Storm
Tornado Super Tornado
Hi-Jump N/A
Wing N/A
Hammer Grand Hammer
Shadow N/A
Stone N/A
Fighter N/A
Suplex N/A
Beetle N/A
Mirror N/A
Cat N/A
Earth N/A
Ninja N/A
Cyber N/A
Ball N/A
Smash N/A
Gold N/A
Yarn Mech
Sleep N/A
Paint N/A
Mike N/A
Crash N/A
Cook N/A

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