Kirby's Return to DreamLand 2: Beat Hazard is an upcoming game in the Kirby series.

Kirby's Return To Dreamland 2:

Beat Hazard


Image of the Wii Version.

Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) DestROY13103 Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U


Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Platforming
Release Date(s)
Single Player: Main/Extra, RPG, STARIDE...

Multiplayer: mAin/ Extra

[1] [2] [3]
Media Included Wii U Disk

Wii Disk

Series Kirby Series

This game is the Original Project of

Kirby's Adventure X.

Worlds of the Main and the Extra Adventure

World 1 : Green Greens: POPSTAR. A classic world. Lvls: 6+BOSS
World 2 : Hyper Hyrule: POPSTAR. There's the Hyrule Warrior ability! 8+BOSS (1)
World 3 : Space Sea: POPSTAR. A sea. But not a normal sea...  A SPACE SEA! 9+BOSS (1)
World 4 : Cyber Cyper: POPSTAR. This is somethin' like a technological factory 10+BOSS (3)
World 5 : Earthbound Earth: POPSTAR. Yo-yo: ready. Baseball: ready. Red hat: ready. Yo-Yo Master ability! 11+BOSS (1)
World 6 : Fate Fields:HYZHORN. A 1996 character makes his returns. 12+BOSS (1)
World 7 : Vegetable Valley: HYZHORN. Strange returns. 14+BOSS (1)
World 8 : Alternate Dimension: HYZHORN. A remake of KRTD and KSS's space level. 8+BOSS (1)
World 9 : Shadow Sh*t: HYZHORN. Shadow Lands. Who's there? 16+boss (2 together)
World 10: Zerhyper Zone: HYZHORN. Zero's Return to Hyper Zone! 18+boss (1)
World 11: Fighter Factory: LOZTAIN Cyber-joes! 20+boss (1)
World 12: Rainbow Road:LOZTAIN. A secret boss of oh so many Kirby games. Who is it? 22+boss (1)
World 13: Fabric Fool:LOZTAIN. Prince Fluff's returns! Fabric Ability! 24+ boss (1)
World 14: Cylapsinium Castle: LOZTAIN. Who is Cylapsinium? A resuscitation of Dark Matter! 26+1
World 15: Nightmare Night: LOZTAIN. Nightmare and Dark Mind. A Nightmind?Or a Darkmare? 28+2 bosses together
World 16: Mouse Mountain: SHEINX. You'll hate this.  30+2 bosses
World 17: Skull Sanctuary: SHEINX Wut? SKULLS EVERYWHERE! 32+1 boss
World 18: Hyperion Halberd: SHEINX. Revenge of meta knight REMIX 20+1 boss
World 19: Candy Constellation: SHEINX. Master & Crazy Hand's return to Candy Constellation! 34+2 bosses together
World 20: Final F*ck: SHEINX. Is this the final world? NOPE! 10+1
World 21: Back in Time: EVERYKIRBY. First Levels of all Kirbys! Idea get from here:
World 22: TRUE Final F*ck: CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. There's the final boss: SPOILER ALERT! 3 bosses one after one!!!!

RPG: The Legend of Kirby

A new type of game: Kirby RPGs.


Kirby GDR: The Legend of Kirby


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