Kirby's Prank War is a new Party Game for Wii U, 3ds, Nintendo Platinum, and ROC.






Quickplay features 15 Party Games for up to 5 players!

Story Mode

Prank and his impish friends are up to their silly little tricks again. They are going across Popstar pulling pranks on everbody! Journey as Prank going on different prank missions, and make either new allies! or new enemies!

Party Games

  • Sticky Hurdels
  • Spray Can Shake!
  • Painting the Roses Red
  • Warp Star Stop!
  • Jump Rope
  • Arena Battles
  • Fencing
  • Banana Peel Toss
  • Ping Pong
  • Water Balloon Gallery
  • Fire Ball Targets
  • Kart Races
  • Baseball
  • Gooey Golf
  • Ninja Dojo

Possible Allies (or Enemies) / Party Game Characters

Prank His Game! His Rules!
Kirby&Warp Star
Kirby The regular star of the series, and a real good sport when it comes to pranks.
King Dedede wii
King Dedede The regular antagonist of the series. This blob is a real sucker when it comes to pranking.
Meta Knight KRTDL1
Meta-Knight Kirby's regular rival. He's a tough one to prank, He's to calm!
482px-Bandana Dee KRTDL
Bandana Dee Everyone's Idol! Silent (because he has no mouth) and deadly!
Prince Fluff Walk
Prince Fluff Prince of Patchland! Visiting his pal Kirby, but then getting caught up in pranks!
Galacta Knight
Galacta Knight Power!
Rick Fast and Furious! He's a rappid rodent!
Gooey This guy has no back-bone! (literally)
Knuckle Joe ()()()()()
Knuckle Joe This guy knows to roll with the PUNCHES!
Keeby Kirby's old pal! Getting in a prank war for old time's sake!
Ribbon A fair fairy, but not for this war!
Shadow Kirby
Shadow Kirby Rival from Mirror World get's pranked, and pranks more!
TAC Sure! Steal the attention why don't ya!
File:Waddle Doo Dreamland Wii U.png
Waddle Doo "Eye" think he's not going to take all this pranking without tears....
Gim Robots don't get pranked! Unless it's him...
Poppy Bros Sr KDL3D
Poppy Bros. Jr. The king of pranks! or so he claims...
Bonkers Dropping the hammer on the prank war!
Golem A wall of steal when it comes to getting pranked!
Blade Knight Color
Blade Knight A fierce warrior in all types of combat, including prank wars!

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