Kirby's Parallel Dream Land is a game that will be released in June 2014. It is for the Wii U.


Kirby wakes up in a parallel universe version of Dream Land. In this universe, Kirby meets his parallel self, who does not have a copy ability, but instead can travel between Kirby's universe and this alternate universe. However, that universe's King Dedede has also learned this ability, and teamed up with the other King Dedede. Kirby finds Magolor, who does not remember Kirby and is now good. The parallel Kirby says that one day Magolor fell out of the sky and hit his head on a rock, possibly explaining why. In that dimension, Bandana Waddle Dee is a rogue Waddle Dee who tries to defeat King Dedede with parallel Kirby. Kirby teams up with parallel Bandana Waddle Dee, Magalor, and parallel Kirby to defeat both King Dededes.



Image Character Description Special Abilities
KirbySSB4 Kirby Kirby is, well, a Kirby. He has somehow been transported to the parallel universe. It's up to him and his friends to defeat both King Dededes, and possibly get back to his own universe... Somehow.
  • Inhaling/Copy Ability
  • Floating
KRTDL Magolor Magalor Kirby's old enemy, Magalor, is trying to... Help Kirby? Apparently, after being defeated by Kirby, he fell to this universe and hit his head... Really hard, he only remembered his name. Let that be a lesson to you. Never fall out of the sky and hit a rock.
  • Flying
  • Summoning Helpers
Waddle Joe Parallel Bandana Waddle Dee Huh? Where's his bandana? Well, anyways, this Bandana Waddle Dee is from an alternate universe, and is not working for King Dedede. He is very fast, can dash, and is very flexible. He can even triple-jump!
  • Speed Dash
  • Triple Jump
117px-KSSU Kirby3 Parallel Kirby Don't mistake him for the actual Kirby. This guy is from a different universe. Of course, he is still a Kirby. But there's something different: He can't inhale things, and thus he doesn't have a copy ability. However, his dimension traveling makes up for it.
  • Universe Switching
  • Floating

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