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Request23-Kirby Painted Paradox
Developer(s) ThermoBurstLogo
Nintendo logo
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Thermo Z
Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s)
January 20th, 2017 (Internationally)
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6
Media Included Thermo Z Game Disc
Wii U Game Disc
Digital Download
Request23-Kirby Painted Paradox

Kirby's Painted Paradox, also known as Kirby: Painted Paradox, is a Kirby game released for the Thermo Z, Wii U, and Pacifico on January 20, 2017. It is the first game in a trilogy of Kirby games.

This game follows the standard gameplay of a Kirby game; you must get to the end of a level, defeat the boss, and move on. However, despite the player having to progress through worlds in a set order (not counting secret paths), each world is designed in a manner resembling that of the worlds in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, forcing the player to maneuver around the rooms of each world, trying to find the chamber that holds the boss. This game also improves upon Kirby's abilities when not copying an enemy's; it also expands the movesets of the Copy Abilities.


Kirby's life is rather simple and repetitive when not fighting evil. Eat, play,, play,, play, sleep. Kirby has felt like it's been years since he's fought crime. And his level of boredom is quite unsettling; he begins to unknowingly turn monochrome, also destroying the world around him by ruining all levels of positivity and turning them negative, as well as ridding of all color. This is not the act of Kirby, however; this is rather the act of NCU-185, who is an assistant to Dark Matter, who has somehow taken many forms and has become much more of a threat. NCU-185 has engulfed Kirby's heart with dread and negativity, ruining Kirby's personality. Kirby, bored, looks around for something interesting, completely ignoring the fact that the world around him has no color or signs of positivity. He sees a rainbow-colored portal, and the small bit of love and positivity in Kirby causes him to be interested and jump through the portal. He is then restored to his normal self and is transported to a field resembling the one Kirby lives in; it seems normal at first, but he then notices that black star-shaped portals appear around the area and the ground is breaking. Frightened, he runs off to a nearby village that seems unaffected by what's currently happening. Kirby finds his way into the village through flying over the borders, and knocks on a nearby house's door. The person inside answers, and it happens to be a rather subtle Waddle Doo named Doop, who lives with his 3 siblings; Waddle Daa, Knight Dee, and Mace Dee, which are all Waddle Dees that have mastered certain weapons. Kirby then thinks of Bandana Dee, who is similar to these weapon-possessing enemies. He introduces Kirby to each of them, and then explains that he lived in Pop Star of the Rainbow Dimension, but got transported here, and Kirby notes that the same thing happened to him. Doop says that he believes an evil force known as Dark Matter is behind this, and Kirby, surprised, explains how he's fought Dark Matter several times and is surprised he hasn't fallen yet.

Doop says he learned this from an ancient script he found in some ruins in another dimension, which explains a prophecy that says that a hero would come to save a village in another dimension from a dangerous evil force. Doop shows that the Rainbow Jewels are needed to form the Gem Blade, a form-changing weapon that can take many forms as long as it is formed by the lost Rainbow Jewels, and is supposedly the only way to defeat Dark Matter. Kirby then says that he's going to find those Jewels to stop Dark Matter, and Doop and his siblings are glad from it. However, as Kirby is about to leave, the four say that they want to come along to help Kirby, and Kirby is alright with it. The five then go off to get the Rainbow Jewels.


This game is both linear and nonlinear at the same time; the game forces you to travel through worlds in a set order, although while you are within those worlds, you can explore them in a nonlinear format, going through various rooms and collecting treasures and defeating enemies as in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Treasures are found throughout worlds, which unlock new things such as maps for worlds, spray paints, Copy Shards, and much more.

Kirby himself is mostly the same this time around, but has some new techniques. He can now punch; this allows the player to attack without the use of inhaling if the player has no ability. Kirby can punch in any Copy Abilities, although some abilities improve his punching skill, such as Fighter's punches being stronger or Spark's having the element of electricity. He also has his trademark Inhale and Super Inhale; like in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad, after super inhaling too long, he will get tired and stop, although he can inhale longer than in those games. Kirby can also take different forms by collecting different items. When underwater, Kirby is still limited to his underwater attack, although it is now a continuous spray like in the older installments if the spraying button is held. He also has an air gauge; however, bubbles can be found underwater to replenish it, and the Octo and Water abilities do not need air.

Of course, Copy Abilities return, serving the same as before, for the most part. The ability system is akin to that shown in the more recent installments such as Kirby's Return to Dream Land; abilities have diverse movesets and a good amount of them have been expanded in this game. Like in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Helpers can be created to assist the player as a CPU or additional player. Helpers have three types; Normal (such as Waddle Doo and Sir Kibble), Large (such as Bonkers or Buggzy), and Ultility (only Wheelie Rider). Each non-limited use ability with the exception of a few have Helpers. Kirby can also remove a helper by using the Normal Beam on them to obtain their ability; he is also able to create up to 3 Helpers at once, although he can only have 2 large helpers, 1 small helper and 1 large helper, or only 1 utility helper. Copy Shards, which are collectibles, also boost abilities, giving them new attacks, attributes, etc.

The game takes somewhat of an RPG turn on the series; Kirby has stomach space similarly to Kirby: Squeak Squad, although it is greatly expanded size-wise and can now hold up to 15 items in it as once; however, certain items take up extra space. Around Star Village (the hub of the game), there are various shops that have different purposes, such as buying items for your inventory, storing items, and collecting stickers, which will be discussed below.

This game is also compatible with Amiibo/ThermoCards; using amiibo or ThermoCards will allow the player to unlock new areas in Star Village, as well as obtain a certain ability the second the amiibo is scanned, similarly to Kirby: Planet Robobot. Unlike the aforementioned game, however, not all amiibo are compatible, and the same goes for ThermoCards.

Stickers are collectible items that boost certain stats of a player; there are six stats, which are:

  • HP: Kirby's health.
  • Power: The amount of damage Kirby's attacks deal. Each ability has a power stat of its own, with some exceptions.
  • Defense: How much damage Kirby takes from attacks.
  • Jump: How high Kirby jumps, as well as his flying height and speed.
  • Speed: How fast Kirby runs.
  • Inhale: The strength of Kirby's inhale.

In Bandana Dee's Sticker Club (an area in Star Village), the player can obtain, view, and apply stickers. They may also trade stickers with other collectors.


Story Mode

The main mode of the game. In this mode, the player will go through the story, collecting Rainbow Jewels by defeating bosses so they can fight the final boss and complete Story Mode. While completing the mode contributes to the 100% of the file, collecting all treasures also serves a lot of importance.

Story Mode has two different modes in itself; Normal Mode and Extra Mode. Normal Mode is the regular version of Story Mode; whereas Extra Mode is much more difficult, featuring enemies with new tactics, stronger mid-bosses and bosses, less health and air for the player to use, etc. All collected treasures will remain with the player after they complete the game (with the exception of maps, which will appear but will not be usable in the next playthrough of Story Mode); all treasures already collected will be replaced with stars, depending on their importance, in both modes. However, uncollected treasures can still be obtained.


Sub-Games are another important mode in the game, containing a bunch of smaller stories that the player can experience, similarly to Kirby Super Star and its remake. Some examples include Kirby's Lost Dreams, Kirby Fighters, and Gourmet Race. For more information, click the sub-page link above.


Here, the player can change settings.

  • Music: Change how loud the music is, or if you want music at all.
  • SFX: Change how loud the sound effects are, or if you want them at all.
  • Sound Mode: Choose between Stereo, Mono, or Headphones.
  • Delete File: Deletes your file. Make sure you think about deleting the file before you do it, because this data can't be retrieved!

Playable Characters

There are a total of 5 playable characters in the game. P1, P2, P3, and P4 can be any of them with the exception of the Yellow, Green, and Blue Kirbies, which are only available for P2-4; to switch characters, the player must simply visit Star Village and go to the Changing Room. With the exception of Kirby, each playable character is also associated with a Copy Ability, having all of the attacks those Copy Abilities have, including Copy Shard-exclusive attacks.

Image/Character Description Copy Ability
The Kirbies are a quartet of little puffballs that save the world from evil and love to eat. They also have a special element in them that allow them to copy the powers of others; so if you see a Kirby swinging a hammer or creating bombs out of thin air, don't worry, it's normal! N/A
Waddle Doo KDL3D
A nerdy and insecure Waddle Doo whose hometown, Star Village, is being attacked in a similar manner to an ancient book saying would happen in the future. Believing Kirby is the chosen one, Waddle Doo decides to adventure along with Kirby with his three brothers, collecting Rainbow Jewels do defeat Dark Matter once and for all! Beam
Parasol Dee A cute little Waddle Dee that never goes anywhere without his trusty...parasol. Despite his cute and harmless exterior, don't get his strength level confused; he will beat your butt if it's necessary, all by smacking a parasol in your face! Oh come on, don't laugh, this is a serious statement! Parasol
Knight Dee A young and curious Waddle Dee that loves to cosplay as a knight. He is almost always seen with a knight costume and a sword; and of course, he uses this sword to battle. Now, you don't want to get on his bad side; then you're done for. Sword
Mace Dee Knight Dee's more serious and mature twin. Mace Dee doesn't joke around very often; if there's a job to get done, that job will be done, whether others like it or not. Jokes can wait; we need to work...and fight with a chain and a spiked ball! Let's go! Mace



Mid-Bosses are larger enemies that must be fought to move on in an area. They can be considered smaller, less dangerous bosses; even guards in a sense. Mid-Bosses, when defeated, can be inhaled for a Copy Ability; they will explode eventually, however.


Bosses are the real deal; each one holds a Rainbow Jewel, and they are very powerful antagonists. Each guards a certain world; some have bosses that contain two or more characters each within them (such as Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright). There are a total of 13 bosses in the main game.


Enemies are just small obstacles that appear throughout the game. Enemies in this game are much stronger than in previous installments; previously, most would die in one hit from anything, but enemies are more powerful in this game, both HP-wise and power-wise. There are many throughout the game.

Copy Abilities

Copy Abilities are a feature of the game, and a staple in the Kirby series. When Kirby inhales and swallows a certain enemy (or goes through other methods, such as touching a Copy Pedestal), Kirby will take the ability of whatever he swallowed or touched. For instance, swallowing a Chilly, which is an icy snowman that exhibits icy powers, Kirby will transform into the frosty Ice Kirby. All of the Copy Abilities in the game will be listed below, although for more detail, it would be smart to go to the sub-page linked above. There are a total of 60 Copy Abilities in the game (17 new, 43 returning). New abilities will be italicized.

BallIcon KDLSS
Ability Star Beam
Ability Star Beetle
Ability Star Bomb
Circus Ability Star New
Clean Ability Star New
Cook Ability Star New
Ability Star Crash
Ability Star Cupid
Ability Star Cutter
Doctor Ability Star New
Ability Star ESP
KRtDL Fighter icon
Ability Star Fire
Ghost Ability Star New
Ability Star Hammer
Ability Star Hi-Jump
Ability Star Ice
Jet Ability Star New
Ability Star Leaf
Metal Ability Star New
Ability Star Mike
Ability Star Mirror
MissileIcon KDLSS
Ability Star Needle
Ability Star Ninja
Paint Ability Star New
Ability Star Parasol
Ability Star Sleep
Ability Star Spark
Ability Star Spear
Ability Star Stone
Ability Star Suplex
Ability Star Sword
Ability Star Tornado
Ability Star UFO
Ability Star Water
Ability Star Wheel
Ability Star Whip
Ability Star Wing
Yo-Yo Ability Star New


Items are simply objects in the game that serve a purpose, usually to benefit the player. There are two of them; collectibles, which will last for a limited time and are usually there for that specific part of the stage, and objects, which are usually not mobile and are only carried for other purposes.




This game features a total of 10 worlds; 8 normal, 1 final, and 1 bonus. Each world also has a set of soundtracks used for specific rooms in the world.

World Description Boss(es)
World 1

Paradox Plains

The first world of the game. It is more of an introduction world than anything; it features very few rooms and is fairly easy throughout the whole world. It seems to be undergoing an unusual effect causing its seasons to go crazy; therefore, some rooms are spring-themed, summer-themed, etc. Seasonal Woods
World 2

Hectic Hills

A forested world full of corrupted greenery, some of which have unusual - in either a good or bad way - effects on people. The world is the first standard world in the game, not being a tutorial-esque world like Paradox Plains. Herb Infestation
World 3

Abnormal Archipelago

A mystic chain of islands rumored to be owned by a dangerous fish entity. This area is considered to be quite dangerous if not maneuvered correctly during adventures; however, it is also said to be a good place to relax in. Anglercross
World 4

Nonexistent Nether

A cave fabled to disappear once in a while. It is very difficult to find and only the luckiest of adventurers will end up finding it; it also houses a plethora of beautiful and valuable gems. Cragger
World 5

Torn Tundra

A deep frozen grassland that's just so...icy. It has so many ice-based enemies, ice-based rooms, and even an ice-based boss. Bring your matches, guys, because you're gonna need some heat! Frost Bear
World 6

Adventure Avenue

A party-driven city seemingly based of the stereotype used for the 1980s, featuring lots of partying enemies and music-based stages and the such. People love to rock out here; let's bring out the headphones! Waddle Dee Band
World 7

Strange Skies

A sky garden featuring lots of beautiful scenery and an ancient temple. Lots of treasure is rumored to be found around this area. Later on in the world, the player will find themselves in outerspace. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
World 8

Mastery Mirage

A fantasy only found by the chosen one and their pals. This area is considered a mixture of previous worlds; it is also very difficult, featuring many mid-bosses, tricky puzzles, and a powerful boss. Rainbow Soul
World F

Isolated Island

A barren wasteland serving as the showdown battlefield against NCU's forms, Dark Matter, and Dread Soul. There are no levels; just fighting. NCU-185
Dark Matter
Dread Soul
World B

Champion's Chamber

A final test to see if you are really a true Kirby fan. Completing this completes Story Mode, and unlocks Extra Mode, certain sub-games, and the ability to restart Story Mode manually. This dungeon is a collection of themes, both from this game and previous worlds, lots of mid-bosses, and chambers dedicated to the mastery of certain things, such as items. Imposter Kirby

Amiibo/ThermoCard Compatibility

This game is compatible with amiibo and ThermoCards; their main purpose is to unlock new areas in Star Village, or unlock Copy Abilities at any given time. More information will be listed below.


  • Similarly to Kirby's Adventure, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, Kirby: Canvas Curse, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and Kirby: Planet Robobot, the worlds of the game spell out an acronym, which in this case is "PHANTASMIC".
  • Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright are the only story mode main bosses that have appeared in a previous Kirby game.

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