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Cover art

Kirby's Obstacle World is a fun puzzle-like adventure game that stars Ball Kirby in his own world he dreamed up for DS.


One peaceful day in Dreamland, it was snack time for Kirby. He gulped down his burger then quickly fell asleep. He dreamed of an obstacle world-one that he could be ball Kirby and bounce around a good old time. Then he woke up. Kirby had an idea! He ran over to the foutain of dreams and dropped a star token in it he wished for the dreamy world he drempt. A portal opened and kirby lept in. While Kirby was having fun, Meta Knight and King Dedede teamed up and went through the portal. When they turned into balls King Dedede summoned a smirror and turned back into normal with Meta Knight. Together they wreck havoc on the obstacle world.

Tilt Controls

Ball Kirby can no longer be touch-dashed or guided by rainbows. You can put a tilt-calabirator in the GBA slot. Now, you can tilt the world left to right. To copy abilities, shake the DS and kirby will glow blue. Now, run into an enimie that has an ability while Kirby is glowing to copy it. Shake the DS to use the power.

Copy abilitys

Release date

The release date in the USA is set for somwhere in Spring 2009.For Japan and all others around that area is December 19, 2008.The delay of release in USA was because of a last-thought twoplayer mode and mini-games.