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Kirby's New Adventure is a new Kirby game.


World 1 - Jungle Area

  1. Jungle Hijinxs
  2. Jungle Falls
  3. Jungle Tikis
  4. Jungle Stones
  5. Jungle Palace
  6. Jungle Temple (Find all the secret exits of the Jungle Area)
  7. Boss: Jungle Monster

World 2 - Beach Area

  1. Beach Holes
  2. Beach Ship
  3. Beach Rays
  4. Beach Ocean
  5. Beach Rockets (Find all the secret exits of the Beach Area)
  6. Beach Tikis
  7. Sunset Beach
  8. Beach Rhythm
  9. Beach Star
  10. Beach Cannonballs
  11. Boss: Beach Tong

World 3 - Ruins Area

  1. Ruins Town
  2. Ruins Tiki
  3. Ruins Boulder
  4. Ruins Eyewatch
  5. Ruins Locks (Find all the secret exits of the Ruins Area)
  6. Boss: Ruins Rhino's Head

World 4  - Pacifica (Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy Advance and SNES Only)

  1. Kremlings Temple
  2. Boss: Kremling Pom Pom

World 4 - Cave Area (NIntendo Wii, Nintendo DS, NIntendo 64 and Nintendo Gamecube Only)

  1. Cave Moles
  2. Crystal Caves
  3. Track Caves
  4. Fang Caves
  5. Rhythm Caves
  6. Cart Caves
  7. Mole Rhythm Caves (Find all the secret exits of the Cave Area)
  8. Boss: Banjo Claws

More Coming Soon!

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