Kirby's Golden Star is the sequel of Kirby Triple Deluxe and is the second game for 3DS.


Two Months after that kirby defeated to Sectonia and saved (again) Pop Star; Kirby and his friends (Keeby, King Dedede and Dedede new Right Hand Taranza) is making a picnic when suddenly... ¡The picnic is GOONE! kirby and his friends discover the guilty; Sectonia however there isn't alone because is has to be along with... ¡Magolor, Dark Meta Knight and Marx! Kirby and his friends try to defeated to him (again) when, suddenly, the true guilty of the rebirth from this four is revealed... ¡The Dark Monster: Darkus! And Fired To Kirby and his friends with a Laser from their Eyes and, after... ¡Make a Portal to the GOLDEN STAR!. When kirby is awakened look that is ALOOONE. Now Kirby need to Make his even more bigger mission in all his life. Find to his Friends, return to Pop Star, and, of course... ¡SAVE TO POP STAR AGAIN!.

More Cooming Soon...