Kirby's Epic Return to Patchland (also known as Yarn Kirby's Return to Dreamland or Kirby's Epic Yarn 2) is a Wii U exclusive nintendo game in the kirby franchise.


Kirby and his friends Metaknight, Bandana Dee, Captain Waddle Doo, and King Dedede were enjoying a nice summer afternoon at the park, When suddenly Kirby's Sock began to glow, and the five where sucked in. They arrived at Patchland Town Square where they met Prince Fluff. Fluff told them that Yin Yarn's knitting needles have been activated by someone, and they remade Yin Yarn, and all of his cronies! It's up to our Super Six to stop the new Yin Yarn, and whoever remade him!

Playable Characters


  • Grass Land
  • Hot Land
  • Treat Land
  • Water Land
  • Snow Land
  • Space Land
  • Green Greens
  • Bubbly Clouds
  • Ice Cream Island
  • Mt. Dedede
  • Halcandra (Boss Stage)


  • Fangora
  • Hot Wings
  • Squashini
  • Capamari
  • Goriath
  • Space Jelly
  • Whispy Woods
  • Kracko
  • Paint Roller
  • Dedede-Bot 2000
  • Yin Yarn
  • Magalor's New Spirit

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