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​​​This game was announced at E3 2013,despite the name,unlike Kirby Super Star Ultra,this is a completely new game. Feturing Kirby, and new characters like Simon,Water Dee,and Fire Knight,each with their own abilities. This game is planned for both Wii U and 3DS.


Kirby,Simon,Water Dee,and Fire Knight all have their own ablilities.

  • Kirby (normal):Inhale/copy
  • Simon:Fighter
  • Water Dee:Water (Ice in icy climates)
  • Fire Knight:Sword


  1. Green Grounds
  2. Mushroom Yard
  3. Onion Valley
  4. Grape Jungle
  5. Salad Palace
  6. Apple Castle
  7. Firey Lunch
  8. Unknown Universe


After he was unsealed,Galacta Knight was fed up with being beaten by others so much,he wasn't considered "Strongest warrior in the galaxy" anymore. So he was planning to TAKE OVER "His Galaxy" he ran into Simon on his way down to Pop Star,and told him what he was planning. Simon attacked him afterwards but Galacta Knight fled before he could,so Simon told Kirby and the others,and so thier adventure began!


Same as [Return to Dreamland] but with new abilities,characters,etc.


  • Wispy Woods
  • Queen Doo
  • Kirbybot
  • Meta Knight
  • Metal General
  • Mecha E2
  • Super Kibble
  • Galacta Knight Phrase 1 & 2

Copy Abilities:

  • Fire
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Water
  • Top
  • Fighter
  • Sword
  • Cook
  • Plasma
  • Tornado
  • Needle
  • Metal
  • Burning
  • Throw
  • Clean
  • Crash

Super Abilities:

  • Ultra Sword
  • Super Stone
  • Grand Hammer
  • Monster Flame
  • Hyper Fighter

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