Kirby's Dream Land U (or きるぶゆ'す・どれあむ・らんど・4 in japan translating into Kirby's Dream Land 4) is a game produced by Fritez Franchise for the Wii U. It is of course within the Kirby series and is the sequal to Kirby's Dream Land 3. Like Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3 it returns the animal helpers along with two new ones. Of course it features new gameplay and features.




Image Name Description Abilities

Kirby's main ability is to inhale and spit enemies an attack or to swallow them to gain thier abilities. With his powerful Super Inhale he can suck in larger objects and many enemies. He can also float in the air an unlimited amount of time. When three Mysitc Stars are collected Kirby can inhale all enemies and blocks in the room.

Keeby Keeby is very similar to Kirby but is slower when it comes to inhaling enemies, swallowing them and spitting them out. Although Keeby can jump a bit higher and is faster than Kirby. When three Mystic Stars are collected then
Meta Knight TBA
Starstery Starstery can grab enemies with the wire on his microphone and throw them. He can also grapple onto legdes with it and cling onto walls. His main ability is to use the Mike ability damaging all enemies in the room. He can do this up to three times before his only way of attacking is to whip enemies until 25 Star Pieces are collected and another Mike attack is gained. When three Mystic Stars are collected he can transform all enemies on the screen into Star Pieces.


Animal Friends









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