This is a list showing all of the Soundtrack from Kirby's Dream Land 3D. Some soundtracks are reused (or remixed) from other Kirby games (note that some tracks can be from stuff that is not related to Kirby at all).

# Track Title Plays...
01 Title Screen at the Title Screen.
02 Main Menu at the Main Menu.
03 Minigame Menu at the list of Minigames.
04 Let's rest a bit inside the Dimension Traveler in the Main Hall and the Ability rooms.
05 Pop Star at Pop Star's map.
06 Strange Galaxy at Strange Galaxy's map.
07 Pear Plains at some stages from Pear Plains.
08 Too Green! at a few stages from Pear Plains.
09 Dedede's Castle at stages located inside King Dedede's Castle. 
10 Strawberry Sands at stages from Strawberry Sands
11 Inside the Dusty Ruins at pyramid or cavern stages from Strawberry Sands and others.
12 Peanut Pond at stages from Peanut Pond.
13 Dancing under the Seas at underwater stages from Peanut Pond and others.
14 Butter Building at stages from Butter Building.
15 Upon the Clouds! at cloudy stages from Butter Building.
16 Lemon Land at stages from Lemon Land.
17 Such a great Lemonade! at a few stages from Lemon Land.
18 Acid Caverns at cavern stages from Lemonade Land and others.
19 Cookie Crater at stages (outside of volcano) from Cookie Crater.
20 Ugh! Ugh! It's too Hot! at stages (inside of volcano) from Cookie Crater.
21 That's not Pretty at dangerous stages from Cookie Crater and others.
22 Vanilla Valley at stages from Vanilla Valley.
23 Under the Vanilla Falls at a few stages from Vanilla Valley
24 Halberd 1 at the first and second stage from Halberd.
25 Halberd 2 at the third, fourth and fifth stage from Halberd.
26 Traveling Dimension at stages from the Traveling Dimension.
27 Nebula Travelers at a few stages from the Traveling Dimension.
28 Near the Roses at the Dark Dimension before confronting Rozery.
29 Invincibility Candy when using a Invincibility Candy.
30 Super Ability when using a Super Copy Ability.
31 Hey! I Challenge You! at the Challenge Stage.
32 The Results at the Challenge Results screen.
33 Kirby Dance (short) after Kirby completes a stage.
34 Kirby Dance after Kirby completes a stage with a Magic Orb.
35 Mid-Boss when battling Mid-Bosses.
35 Boss Prelude before confronting a Boss.
36 Boss Battle when battling Bosses.
37 Dyna Blade when battling Dyna Blade
38 Master Hand & Crazy Hand when battling Master and Crazy Hands.
39 Rose King Dedede when battling Rose King Dedede (True Arena).
40 Rose Knight when battling Meta Knight or Rose Knight (True Arena).
41 Kabula Battle when battling Kabula.
42 R Boss Battle when battling a R Boss in The Arena/The True Arena.
43 Galacta Knight Battle when battling Galacta Knight in The True Arena.
44 Zero Two Battle when battling Zero Two in The True Arena.
45 Marx Battle when battling Marx in The True Arena.
46 Rozery when battling the main villain Rozery.
47 Rozery Soul when battling Rozery's final form, Rozery Soul, in True Arena.
48 Ending at the game's ending.
49 Staff Roll at the game's staff rolls.
50 The Arena at The Arena and The True Arena.
51 Kirby's Starlight Race Tittle at the tittle screen of Kirby's Starlight Race minigame.
52 Kirby's Starlight Race at the Kirby's Starlight Race minigame.
53 RPG Superstars Tittle at the tittle screen of RPG Superstars minigame.
54 RPG Superstars at the RPG Superstars battles
55 Crystal Catastrophe Tittle at the tittle screen of Crystal Catastrophe minigame.
56 Crystal Catastrophe at the Crystal Catastrophe minigame
57 Strato Patrol SSM Tittle at the tittle screen of Strato Patrol SSM minigame.
58 SSM Stage 1-4 at the stages from 1 to 4 of Strato Patrol SSM minigame.
59 SSM Boss Battle at the Boss Battles of Strato Patrol SSM minigame.
60 SSM Super...Uh huh! at the Final Boss of Strato Patrol SSM minigame.
??? Shooting Star at Shooting Star stages.
??? Lose Life when losing a life.
??? Continue? at the continue game screen.
??? Game Over! at the game over screen.

More to come...


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