The cover art

Kirby's Dream Adventure is an upcoming videogame for the Wii U, in which Kirby goes on another adventure to save Dreamland once again. This time, King Dedede has put a curse on Dreamland and Kirby must undo it.


Kirby is sleeping in a meadow with an invincible-lollipop in his mouth when there is a huge flash of lightning that startles him awake. He opens his eyes to discover a huge playroom. This scares Kirby, and he whimpers, getting King Dedede's attention. With no time to waste, Dedede smacks Kirby as hard as he can with his hammer. Kirby flies all the way to Berry Bedroom, where he meets (Insert Mii name here). After a small fight with the Mii, Kirby warms up to him/her and he helps Kirby on his adventure through 7 worlds.

Playable Characters





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