Kirby's Cubic Crash is a game made for Crimson's weekly challenge.


One day, Kirby, along with King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee, were having a picnic. As Kirby ate, he noticed a fruit made of cubes. He ate the apple, and everyone in the picnic were sucked into a portal. They reappeared in a dimension made of cubes. It is found out that "Poly Gon", a dark cube mage, had given Kirby that apple. The 4 heroes are on a quest to defeat him and find a portal back home


Kirby's Cubic Crash is played in a Geometry Dash-style way, but also plays differently. You have to place blocks for your character to land on with the touch screen, because they jump again right when they hit the ground. Enemies, which you have to avoid, obviously, also appear. You can't make a bridge with blocks, because there is a limit on how many blocks on screen at a time, and since you automatically jump when you hit the ground, it isn't a very good idea anyways.

Playable Characters


The hungry pink puffball - I mean puffcube - is back! He is a all around normal character, but if you tap a enemy while playing as Kirby, you can copy its ability, and maybe use it to destroy other enemies? Or even use them to increase your speed? The possibilities are endless- well, the number of enemies in the game is the number of possibilities. If you have a copy ability, you can press A to activate it.

King Dedede

King Dedede, the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, is here, and while usually being a rival to Kirby, he usually has a friendly nature with him, and usually when he tries to destroy him, hes possessed. This time, if you press A while in the air, he can have a extra jump in mid-air. How useful?

Meta Knight

Waddle Dee


Copy Abilities


Lets Kirby shoot a fireball, 2 at a time. This will destroy any cracked obstacles, but disappear after hitting one obstacle.


  • Sunflower Seed Plains-
  • Apple Orchard-
  • Meat Barnyard-
  • Vegetable Garden-
  • (TBA, there will be a ton more)

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