A sequel to Kirby's Star Stacker.


Kirby has found out that King Dedede has the Star Rod. Kirby has to get it back but he has to solve increasingly difficult puzzles to defeat his enemy and rescue the Star Rod.


  1. Whispy Woods
  2. Poppy Bros. Sr.
  3. Captain Stich
  4. Lololo
  5. Lololo & Lalala
  6. Bonkers
  7. Chef Kawasaki
  8. Kaboola
  9. Kracko Jr.
  10. Kracko
  11. Dark Matter
  12. Wham Bam Rock
  13. Dyna Blade
  14. Meta Knight
  15. King Dedede


You can use these to destroy blocks.

Hammer - Destroys 5 blocks

Fighter - Destroys 10 blocks

Cutter - Destroys 1 row of blocks

Bomb - Destroys 2 rows of blocks

Crash - Destroys all blocks of a random colour

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