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Kirby's Avalanche 2 is a children's game. It features simple controls, exciting stages and a touching story. During the game, Iron Mam is holding a tournament. She says that everyone has to journey the many corners of Pop Star, and if they find each other along the way, they challenge each other for one of the many medals she has.


Name Theme Opponents Powers
Berry Burrow Plains, forests, trees, underground Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt, Chip, Leap, King Dedede

Sword, Wing, Hi-Jump

Radish Ruins Desert, ruins, oasis, caves Whippy, Parasol Waddle Dee, Poppy Brother Junior, Water Galbo, Mr. Dooter Whip, Parasol, Bomb
Aubergine Aquarium Beach, sea, waterfall, cavern Bugzzy, Dubior, Bonkers, Yamikage, Goriath Water, Fighter, Spark
Wafer Winters Snow, ice, sky, factories Fatty Whale, Chameleo Arm, Whispy Woods, Meta Knight, Grand Doomer Ninja, Hammer, Cutter
Lemon Lagoon Jungle, lake, mountains, volcano Nightmare, Zero, Drawcia, Marx, Magolor Tornado, Smash, Spear

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