Kirby's Adventures
Genre(s) Comedy
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin U.S.A, Belgium
Original Language English, Dutch
Status Active

Kirby's Adventures is a comedic TV series about Kirby.


(Note: List not finished yet)

Main Characters

Major Characters


Season 1

Nr. Name Short Story Trivia
1 Kirby on the Wheels

Kirby races against Grand Wheelie.

2 Dark Swordsmen Marx hires Dark Meta Knight, a contract killer, to liquidate Kirby.
3 Always Watching Marx wants to control Kirby's memory so he sends 0² and Dark Matter to spy on him .
4 Virulent Knight Meta Knight gets intoxicated by 0² and Kirby must get the antidote.
5 Simian Business Bonkers escapes from the circus and Kirby tries to catch him.
6 Vendetta of the Eye 0² bends on retaliation.
7 Looking for a Lobster ? Kirby accidentally reactivates Heavy Lobster, a robot created 1099 years ago.

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