Kirby's Adventure in a Bin
Studio(s) Jasonside Studios
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type Animated short film
Genre(s) Short film, fighting
Country of Origin Japan, United States
Johnny Depp
Eric Stuart
Theatrical Release Date(s)
April 15, 1995 (with Kid Icarus: The Movie)
Runtime 10 minutes

Kirby's Adventure in a Bin is a 1994 short film. It is based on Kirby's Adventure. It serves as an interquel to Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby's Adventure. The film was shown with Kid Icarus: The Movie in 1995. Reception was universally negative, with critics criticising the animation and the "rusty" storyline. It is 10 minutes long.


After defeating King Dedede, Kirby finds a massive bin. He tries to climb up the bin and get into it. Managing to get into it, he meets an attractive girl (named Rowley), who then suddenly gets kidnapped by a toy doll that got trashed. Kirby goes on a short adventure trying to get past the garbage. He eventually gets to the poo bag, and fights it. He defeats it, so he gets Rowley back. Kirby then gets a star and flies out of the bin. However, Rowley gets kidnapped again but then he says "You know what? I really don't care!" and farts.


Kirby's Adventure in a Bin received universally negative reviews. The animation and the story was criticised. It was also criticised for having minor relation to the Kirby series, such as having characters that didn't appear in the Kirby games. The Short Film Critic called it "a lacklustre film with a rusty storyline and little relation to the Kirby games". 90s Boy scored it 0.5/5. However, Da-Man called it a "cult classic".

As the Kid Icarus film was well received by critics, Kirby's Adventure in a Bin has been blamed for making the Kid Icarus film bomb in the box office due to bad word of mouth.

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