This is a list of the Copy Abilities in Kirby's Adventure X.

New Abilities

When Facing Right

Image Name Enemy Description Moves
WIzard Wizzlord

You are able to use magic spells and float for a limited time.

B: Fire

B+RIGHT: Water

B+DOWN: Thunder

B+UP: Teleport up

Hold 2 in midair: Float for 10 seconds

Dash: Icy Dash

Axe Axe Knight You use a powerfully axe.

B: Axe

B+DASH: Axe Dash

B+DOWN in midair: Speed Fall

Hero Octorok Kirby uses Link's inventory.

B: Bow


B+DOWN in midair: Down Thrust

B+DASH: Stab


Cappucc You have stealth power and a sword.

B: Sword Attack

B+DOWN: Stealth Mode

8_BIT Waddle Bit You're allowed to inhale, exhale and swallow, but you can't copy abilities, like in Kirby's Dream Land. Also you have a retro style. B: Inhale
Ace Attorney Attorney's Badge OBJECTION!

B: Objection!

B+RIGHT: Trials

B+DOWN: Attorney's Badge

Shield Mr. Def Use your shield for pull enemies and defend your self!

Hold B: Shield

B+RIGHT near an enemy: Pull

Mace Mace Knight Use a power mace.

B: Mace

Hold B: Mace Round

Release: Power Mace

Hold B, Release+UP: Mace Elicopter

Robot Light Lobster Use electric attack and shoot beams.

B: Shoot Beam

B+DOWN: Electric Area

B+DASH: Sparking dash

Alien Alien Use a special inventory of alien weapons.

B: Laser Gun

B+DOWN: Electric Shock

B+UP: UFO Call

During UFO Call (30 seconds): Control Stick to move, B to shoot, hold for make different attacks

No power: Beam

Minimum: Laser

Medium: Super Laser

Maximum: Hyper Ultra Laser

Thief SAT You got the stealth power, throw punches and steal power

B: Simple Punch

B+DOWN= Stealth Mode

B+Up= Steal Mode

Superhero Super Dan Use attacks like shoot laser or make a icy breath.

B: Laser

B+RIGHT: Ultra Breath

B+LEFT: Fire Breath

Hold B: HighJump

Shadow NOTsciadou

Can pass under enemies as a shadow.

Note: Sonic fans, it's not that Shadow.

B: Shadow

B under an enemy: Shadow Trap

Refrigerator None You are a refrigerator! What can you do? Eat food! B: Food

B: Flash


B+UP: Thunder

Temperature Hotti Decide if there's cold or hot!

B: Swap

B near an enemy if there's cold: FIRE

B near an enemy of there's hot: ICE

Yarn Yarn Waddle Dee You have the yarn power.

B: Yarn Whip

B+RIGHT near an enemy: Make Enemies a Yarn Ball

Gamer Gammos Use joypads, games, consoles, PCs for attack! B: Launch Gamer's Items
Crystal Crysthine Block enemies in a crystal!

B near an enemy: Crystal Trap

B: Crystal Launch

L or R: Crystal Guard

Gravity Downyuppo You have the power of gravity! You can walk under platforms, or also change the gravity, from down to up! All objects and enemis will follow the gravity rule!

B+DOWN: Change Gravity

B near an enemy: Zero Gravity

A: Jump in the Moon

Time Tictoc

You can run fìvery fast, make enemy slow, or stop'em!

You can also make all faster, slower, blocked!


B+DASH: Ultra Fast (Kirby)

B+RIGHT: Faster Time

(all except Kirby)

B+LEFT: Slower Time

(all except Kirby)

B+DOWN: Block Time

(all except Kirby)

Hold B+RIGHT: Enemy Target 1

After targetting an enemy (1): Faster Enemy

Hold B+LEFT: Enemy Target 2

After targetting an enemy (2): Slower Enemy

Hold B+DOWN: Enemy Target 3

After targetting an enemy (3): Blocked Enemy

Earth Gea Make mountains! B: Mountain
Jumper Dario Bros. You can jump like a certain red guy! Also you can throw fireballs and use your F.L.U.D.D.! But you can't fly...

A: Super Jump

B: Fireball


B+DOWN: Spin

B+UP in midair: Hover Nozzle

B+DASH: Hammer Spin Dash B+RIGHT in midair: F.L.U.D.D. Dash

Darkness Darky

You can make dark enemies! (What?!?)

You must use this power with special enemies and something good will happen!

B: Dark
Wind Weikahr

Control the direction of the wind!

You can't create it.

DASH: Wind Dash

B near an enemy: Wind Pull

B+UP: Wind Up

B+DOWN: Wind Down

B+RIGHT: Wind Right

B+LEFT: Wind Left

Jetpack Capsule JP2 Use your jetpack to fly in the sky very well!

A: Jetpack Fly

B: Jetpack Jump

B+DOWN in midair: Jetpack Reverse

B+RIGHT: Jetpack Dash

Hold B+RIGHT: Different Moves

Camouflage Heidi Camouflage becoming a Waddle Dee! Note: you are a pink waddle dee.

B: Camouflage

B after Camouflage: Delete Camouflage

Lightsaber Luke Earthwalker "The force is strong with this one.."

B: Lightsaber

-B: Lotta Hit

-B: Final Hit

B+DASH: Stab

B in midair: Sword Throttle

B+DOWN in midair: Down Thrust

Monster Swaltorp Become a monster! Attack enemies! Do other things!

B: Eat

B+RIGHT: Little Monsters

B+DASH: Monster Fury

Plant Obvious Protector Protect your garden!

B: Peashoot

Hold B and release: Plasma Peashoot

B+DOWN: Potatomine

Hold B+RIGHT: Enemy Target

Release: Cactus Sniper Attack

Hold B+DOWN: Torchwood

B near a Torchwood: Fire Pea

B in midair: Frozen Melon

B+UP: Corn Cob

Comic Super Den Evocate items from a comic!

B: Comic

After Comic: Random Items/Food/Enemies/Abilities/Cards

Card You Dee Oh Transform enemies in a card! If you collect all cards, somethimg good will happen!

B: Card Throw

B near an enemy: Card Transform

Game Dev Sakurei Change objects' color or form!

Hold B: Enemy Target

B on an enemy: Change Sprite/Color

B on an item: Change Sprite/Color

B on the background: Change Color

B on the platforms/floor/ceiling: Change Color

B on a mid-boss/boss: Change Color

Music Stirio Madnezz Press the button continuosly for make totally RANDOM music!

B: Music

After B: Music

Dubstep Dubstep Madnezz Press the button continuosly for make totally DUBSTEP RANDOM music!

B: Dubstep

After B: Dubstep

Lego Const Madnezz  Hey! Build things! Trap enemies! And more!

B: Random Weapon

B+DOWN: Random Trap

Hold B: Target

Release B on an enemy: Block Launch

Release B in nowhere: Build

Dimensions Dimen Madnezz Make enemies change dimension! When an enemy attacks, you can teleport behind it and attack! ZAAC!

Counterattack (B when attacked): Teleport Back

B+DOWN: Change Dimension (only in some stages)

B+DOWN near an enemy: Change Dimension

B: Scepter Cut

Kabuki Kabuki A ninja blessed of magical power passed on from generations before!

B:Rod Attack

Hold B and release: Power Laser

UP+B: Kabuki Helicopter

Baton None With this you're allowed to control enemies!

B: Zap

B near an enemy: Control Zap

During Control Y: Enemy's Vortex

During Control Select: Baton and Enemy Explosion

Returning Abilities

Image Name Enemy Description Moves
Animal Caw Claw Dig in diggable areas! Do you like dig, uh? So we made an entire stage of DIG!

B: Rage Slash

B+DASH: Animal Fury

Any direction+B in midair: Drill Spin

Archer Aim, prepare... LAUNCH!

B: Shot

Hold B and release: Sniper Shot

Hold longer and release: Magic Shot

UP/DOWN+B: Sharpshoot

DASH+B:Arrow Blade

DASH+A+B: Straight Shots

Ball Bubbly Jump like a real ball! Dash like in Power Paintbrush! Become a ball!

B: Ball

A during B: Boing

DASH+B: Ball Dash

Baloon Full yourself of air and float!

B: Balloon



Metal / Iron

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