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Kirby's Adventure X is the seventeenth installment (including spin-off games the TWENTISIXTH) in the Kirby Series.

Kirby's Adventure X
Developer(s) GameZ Inc., HAL LABS
Publisher(s) GameZ Inc., Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo UltraCube 6D
Release Date(s)
13th Ocotber 2023
1-P, MultiPlayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform/Action-Adventure
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Successor Meta Knightmare Ultra: Star Warriors
Media Included UltraCube 6D Optical Disc
Available Input All

Playable Characters

  • Kirby (colors: pink, grey, yellow, green, blue, white, red, black) the Vacuum
  • Meta Knight the Swordman
  • King Dedede the Hammerman
  • Waddle Dee the Spearman
  • Simirror the Mirrorman
  • Knuckle Joe the Fighter
  • Wizzly the Wizard
  • Biospark the Ninja
  • Smashy the Smash
  • Finix the Ace Attorney
  • Gamy the Gamer


TRAILER 1(June 2021)

"Join Kirby with his new friends! Go to save someone! NEW ABILITIES! Like Wizard! Or Gamer! Or LEGO! NEW WORLDS! Caramel City, Cyber Cave, Thinky Tower... WHAT? Thinky Tower? Ok, it doesn't matter! Go into an adventure with 6 planets, 33 worlds and 779 LEVELS OH MY GOSH! NEW MODES! 'EXTRA MODE, MINIGAMES, BOSS RUSH, RIDE MODE... HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS OF NEW THINGS!


TRAILER 2 (August)

The trailer shows the ORIGINAL first scene. It very looks like Kirby Returns to Dreamland.

"Oh no, the two games are very different" said the director "Just the start is similar."

Secretly, the game changed the plot!

Now it's different.

Cutted Scene in the Plot

(where are the ______ there's this scene)

After completed Level 15, Eight Empires

"Zero. A creature. An eye. A gigantic eye." in the screen appears Zero's image."  After Kirby slayed him in Kirby's Dream Land 3, it re-appears in Kirby 64 TCS as 02." Zero2's image appears." Then, on the 13th of June 2005, in America were released Canvas Curse. The final boss was 'Drawcia Soul.

Then, on the 24th October 2011 were released Kirby's Return to Dreamland. The final boss was Magolor Soul.

Both Drawcia and Magolor Soul were possessed by Zero. Look. Look Drawcia's form. Seems an eye, or doesn't it?

Drawcia Soul's eye form!

Look 'Magolor Soul. That eye. That's Zero.

The eye is Zero

Zero's Soul was into Drawcia and Magolor.

Now, Zero is still alive..."

Kirby finds a secret stage on Level 15. There's a portal!

The portal teleports in the space. There's a gigantic eye. It's ZERO.

"I'm reborned! I possessed Drawcia and Magolor! They give me the power to reborn and finally KILL YA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH (evil laugh) AHAHAHAHAHAH!

This scene was cutted 'cause this idea needs an entire GAME.




Planet Levels Stages Level's Boss 2nd phase NORMAL 2nd phase EXTRA  MODE Ride
Popstar Green Greens 6+1(BOSS) Whispy Woods No
Popstar Cyber Cave 11+1 Heavy Lobster No
Popstar Spicy Sea 11+1 Fatty Fish No
Popstar Hyperion Halberd 11+1 Halberd Yes
Popstar Everest Earth 11+1 RockGolem RocKing No
Halcon Fate Fields 12+1 The Fate No
Halcon Vegetable Volcano 14+1 Magnus Magmus No
Halcon Duper Dimension 8+1 Common Astroship No
Halcon Shadow Space 16+1 Shadow Generator Yes
Halcon Zero Zone 18+1 One No
Todstar Thinky Tower 20+1 Iourboss No
Todstar Rainbow Road 22+1 Shiny Rainbow Beast No
Todstar Fabric Farm 24+1 Fangora II No
Todstar Cylapsinium Castle 26+1 Cylapsinium No
Todstar Eight Empires 28+1 Mr. Empire Eight Mr. Empire Yes
Retroid Glacial Greens 31+1 Winter Breeze No
Retroid Skull Sanctuary 32+1 Skeletai No
Retroid Hyperion Halberd 32+1 Halberd 2.0 Yes
Retroid Candy Costellation 35+1 Master Hand & Crazy Hand No
Retroid Floppydisk Frontier 35+1 HR-D4 HR-D5 No
Lorstar Chocolate Campanile 26+1 Candyto Mr. Bom No
Lorstar LEGO Lake 35+1 LEGO Master No
Lorstar Hyrulean Hills 34+1 Frodnonag No
Lorstar Pizza Plains 34+1 Uglizza No
Lorstar Fake Fortress 33+1 Ser Bow Yes
Finalstar Twisty Train 34+1 Random Train No
Finalstar Golden Garden 33+1 Lord Money No
FinalStar Monster Mansion 32+1 Monster Generator No
FinalStar Future Factory 32+1 Future No
FinalStar Ultimate Universe 35+1 Theory of Everything Theory of Reborn Theory of Souls Yes
Koder Final Fight 2 Bosses Glozzor Glozzor Soul No
Time Time Travel 26+1 Redok No

Final Level-Final Level-Final Level-Final Level-Final Level-Final Level-Final Level-Final Level-Final Level

CotU                TRUE Final Fight        4 Bosses              X (Ride)                   X          X Soul     Soul of X Soul

  • Cotu= Center of the Universe


NEW Normal Abilities (40)

Copy Ability Copy Ability
Wizard Gamer




 Assassin Time
Shield Earthquake
Ace Attorney Jumper




 Robot Jetpack
Alien Hide
Thief Vegetables
Superhero Monster


Plant (PVZ Moves)



PK Kabuki
Temperature Game Dev
Yarn Dubstep
Baton Music
Dimensions LEGO

Normal Abilities (47)

Animal Jet


Backdrop Leaf
Ball Magic
Balloon Metal
Beam Mini


Bell Missile
Bubble Needle
Burning Ninja
Circus Parasol


Copy Spark
Cupid Spear
Cutter Stone
Fighter Suplex






Grenade UFO
Hammer Water
Hi-jump Whip
Hypernova Wing
Ice Yo-Yo

Super and Limited Abilities (11)

Super Ability
Flare Beam
Grand Hammer
Moster Flame
Snow Bowl
Ultra Sword
Copy Ability Limit
Cook 2-use
Crash 2-use
Light 5-use
Mike 3-use
Paint 2-use
Sleep 1-use

NEW Super Abilities (14)

Super Ability
Giant Bell
Black Hole
Black Hole X
Atomic Bomb
Mega Water (TSUNAMI)
Tornado X
Hyper Fighter
Super Cutter
Super Duper DUBSTEP
I Like Trains
Mega Laser
Ultra Sword X

Ride Abilities

Ride Ability
Dragoon X

Meteorite X


Warp X

Jet Star


Extra Mode

It's like the KRTD one.

You got half life, the bosses are recalled with "EX" and the dimension of enemies always changes.

Arena & TRUE Arena

In the Arena, you'll fight all the bosses. At the start you can choose what ability take. It's like the KRTD one.

In the TRUE Arena, you'll fight all the EX bosses. Secret bosses: Galacta Knight, Shadow Kirby, Master Core, Master Hand & Crazy Hand AGAIN.

Kirby Fighters Hypersmash

Dedede's Dubstep Dash X

Dedede's Drum Dash X


Super Kirby Quest

Kitchen Chicken

Time Bomb

200-Yard Hop

Super Scope Shot


Character Pack

Masked Dedede

Waddle Thunder

Prince Fluff

Metal Chilly


Waddle Wrestler



Kirby RPG Pack

Kirby RPG I: The Pink Legend       

Kirby RPG II: Crystal Land

Kirby RPG III: Star Warriors

Kirby RPG IV: Meta Knight's Quest

Kirby RPG V: Universe's Strongest Warrior


Kirby: Minigame Mania!

A new bonus with 10 all-new minigames.

Kirby's Dream Ball
Dance Dance Revolution Kirby Edition
Kirby's Air Tour
Obstacle Course

Picture Palace

A secret labyrinth in Dreamland. It's got areas like Amazing Mirror

Smash Mode

Defeat all enemies in every area! Note: you need to complete the Main Mode.


Meta Knightmare X

Play this game using Meta Knight, with the same abilities of KSSU.

Replaced all of X's from with (in order): Dark Meta Knight, Death Knight, Destiny Knight, Galacta Knight

DededeTour X

Now added skills!

Replaced X Soul and Soul of X Soul with Dark Matter (eye) and Shadow King.

Mirror Quest

Play using Simirror with skills!

Replaced X Soul and Soul of X Soul with Dark Mind's first form and Dark Mind's final form.

Revenge of the Fighter

Skills! With Knuckle Joe!

Replaced X Soul and Soul of X Soul with King Joe and Joe Soul

The Tribe of Spear

Skills... with Waddle Dee..

Replaced X Soul and Soul of X Soul with King Dedede and Spear Knight.

Ninja VS Samurai

Skills! With Biospark!

Replaced Soul of X Soul with Samurai.

Master Spells

Skills?!? With Wizzly?!?!

Replaced X Soul and Soul of X Soul with PK Guy and Book of Necrom.

Turnabout Adventure


Replaced X, X Soul and Soul of X Soul with: Power Judge, Power Judge Guilty Mode, Godot


  • Redok's name (the boss of the Time Travel level) is the name of the original plot's alien that needs to be saved.
  • The game got released in the 2023. When the game was in development, a Nintendo Direct advertised of the release of the game in the 2022. The game wasn't released in the 2022 because the 2022 is the 30th anniversary of Kirby. And for the 30th anniversary Kirby needs another special game.

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