This page is a list of stagess in Kirby's Adventure 3D. I't gives details on stagess and thier climates. It also includes downloadable stages as well.

Fruity Feilds

Stage Nr. Description Star Capsules Vehicles Super Abilities Mini-Boss  Boss
Stage 1 Stage 1 is a simple plains stage  with very basic layout. It introduces the Tank in a small part of the level.  3 Tank None None None
Stage 2 Stage 2 takes place in  Fruity Feild's hill area . This area is somewhat a battle feild including quite a few shotzos sitting on turrets. Poppt Bros. Sr. debuts here. 2 None None Poppy Bros. Sr. None
Stage 3 Stage 3 takes place high in the Hallyhorn with very rocky terrain and a few cloudy rooms. It's quite long and mazelike with it's many caves and doors. Ultra Sword the first copy ability debuts there as well as the Mini Boss Rolling Ruu 5 None Ultra Sword Rolling Ruu None
Stage 4 Stage 4 is located on the other side of the Hallyhorn at the base where the forest starts. Because of this almost all of it takes place in the forest with many falling apples as obstacles. It also uses the Plane in a small part of the stage. Poppy Sis. Sr. debutes here. 3 Plane None Poppy Sis. Sr. None
Stage 5 Stage 5 is the shortest stage mainly because this is where Whispy Woods is fought. It involves all players scrambleing down a treehouse becuase of a fallen tree crushing it up slowly. 2 None None None Whispy Woods
DLC Stage 1 DLC Stage 1 is a bonus stage that can be downloaded. It takes place at a lake surronded by a forest. While most of the level takes place underwater or in a submarine there is a super ability, Volt Spark. None Submarine Volt Spark None None
DLC Stage 2 DLC Stage 2 is a bonus stage that can be downloaded. It takes place in a forest full of bouncy mushrooms and plants. The ball ability is extremly common here to spice the level up. None None None Rolling Ruu None

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