This is a list of the music from Kirby's Adventure: The Revenge. Some of the soundtrack in this game may not related to Kirby at all.

Track Name Plays at
Title Screen At The Title screen
Main Menu At the main menu
Marshmallow Meadows At The Marshmallow Meadows map
Candy Canyon At the Candy Canyon map
Sherbet Shores At the Sherbet Shores map
Going To the Beach At stages from Sherbet Shores
Sea Sick At underwater stages from Sherbet Shores
Gelato Glacier At the Gelato Glacier map
In the Snow At stages from Gelato Glacier
Holly Jolly Day At a few stages from Gelato Glacier
Fairy Forest At the Fairy Forest map
The Fair Folk At stages (daytime) from Fairy Forest
Not So Fair At stages (night) from Fairy Forest
Mind your Manors! At mansion stages from Fairy Forest
Fire Mountain At the Fire Mountain map.

More Coming Soon...

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