Kirby's A Beautiful world is a fangame taking place somewhere after Kirby 64. In this game, a mysterious force is attempting to resurrect Zero- and with him, Dark Matter. It's up to Kirby and Gooey (as well as the help of Adeleine and Waddle Doo, the evolved form of K64's Waddle Dee) to put an end to this evil threat!


The layout of this game is similar to Kirby 64's setup, being a 3D side scroller. Player one plays as Kirby, while player two can assume the role of Gooey. Otherwise, Gooey is controlled via the computer.

The duo run through multiple levels, facing one of the following minibosses every level- Efrite, Master Green, Jumpershoot, Waiu, Captian Stitch, Blocky, Haboki, Poppy bros. Sr., and Mr. Frosty. Ocassionally, they'll come across Adeleine or Waddle Doo. Waddle Doo operates modes of transprotation, while Adeleine paints up 1ups, Maxim Tomatoes, Star peices, or, on rare occasion, Invincibility candy. The player(s) is (are) also capable of hijacking air ride machines, which can get them over rough terrain.

Outside of the levels are the stage in which you enter them, set up in a Kirby's Adventure style. While still a side scroller, the player(s) can't really do much, as there are no enemies there. There are, however, doors, which can either lead to levels or a minigame.

Hidden somewhere in one of the stage's levels is a Rainbow quartz, which is the key to finishing the game 100%.


Unlike Kirby games previous, the game has full- fledged cutscenes.These depict the heroes continually moving, ocassionally doing humorous things.(ex. Gooey accidentally gets his tounge stuck to an icicle.) The cutscenes never have dialouge, just expressions, motions, and ocasional grunts and whistles.

If the player sucessfully obtains the Rainbow quartz, the cutscene will extend to show the boss returning to their natural state.

False ending

If the player(s) doesn't (don't) collect all of the quartz, they all return back to their respective homes. The camera shows popstar from space, showing a dark cloud advancing on the unsuspecting planet...

True ending

If the player does collect all of the quartz peices, Kirby and Gooey will giddly bounce around, only for them to be snatched away from the person who was causing you all the trouble- an evil witch! She'll fly off out of the atmosphere as a dark aura closes in around the planet. Kirby and Gooey persue on a warpstar, confronting her on one of Popstar's rings. The quartz escapes her grasp and surround the duo, giving Kirby a large staff and Gooey twin crystal guns. The final boss battle ensues...

After the boss battle ends, the witch- along with the unconcious heroes- crashes into the dark aura, shattring it and destroying her. Kirby and Gooey crash land on Popstar and regain conciousness to see the morning sun rising.

It is a new dawn.

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