Kira Swift
Kira Swift
Kira Swift, the potions clerk
Full Name Kira Swift
Current Age 19
Date of Birth March 30th
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Potions Clerk
Brotherhood of Shadows
Family and Relations
Brix (crush), Kass (crush)
Brix, Kass, People that are strong
Weak people, boys, Brotherhood of Shadows
Vulnerable To Gets attracted to her customers
Height 5,9
Weight 121 pounds
First Appearance FantendoQuest
Latest Appearance FantendoQuest

Kira Swift (full name Kira Ray Swift) is a potions clerk that first appeared in FantendoQuest in the Red Ruins Colosseum. She sells potions to the party while they are trapped in the colosseum and slowly but steadily gains a intense crush on Brix and Kass as they defeat the bosses inside.


Kira has pink hair and wears a cap resembling a Blue Nabbly. She has blue eyes and a white neckerchief around her neck. She wears a blue tank top that also resembles the torso of a Blue Nabbly, with green straps. She wears green thorny fingerless gloves that also resemble a Blue Nabbly. She wears jean shorts, white socks, and green shoes.


Kira Swift is friendly upon first meeting her as Brix and Kass, although further dialog with her implies that what she is selling you is stolen goods. As Brix and Kass defeat more and more bosses, she becomes slightly unfocused and preoccupied with other thoughts as well as nervous with encountering Brix and Kass. This reveals itself to be a full blown crush on the two of them, which becomes even more apparent during the revisit to the Colosseum, where she wears a skimpier version of her attire.


Kira Swift seems to have been inducted into the Brotherhood of Shadows out of force as opposed to choice. Beyond this, no apparent backstory is known.



Kira appears in FantendoQuest in the Red Ruins Colosseum, where she operates the potions shop and sells potions to the party. She slowly gains a intense crush on Brix and Kass, becoming more and more apparent as they defeat the bosses.



Has a crush on Brix due to her strength and apparent charms.


Has a crush on Brix due to her strength and apparent cuteness.

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  • Kira is the only shopkeeper in Red Ruins Colosseum, solely around so that it doesn't lock players out if they run out of ways to heal. Considering that she may have to be visited by the player several times, Exotoro decided to have some fun with it.
  • If you go to her with Spur or Reiki, she either ignores them or seems uninterested. This is likely because she is homosexual and is solely attracted to the two girls in the party, but she also watched Spur get defeated by both Brix and Kass and probably sees him as weak.