Kira Redesign
Kira's basic appearance.
Full Name Kira
Current Age 28
Date of Birth 25 June, 1994
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Svitian Kingdom
Class Queen
Height 5'5 (165cm)
First Appearance Reverse Quantum Curse

Kira is the primary antagonist of Reverse Quantum Curse, appearing as an enemy to S. She is an Italian woman who was formerly a politician in Italy, though throughout the game primarily appears as the queen of the Svitian Kingdom. She controls a poweful military and has a dream for conquest and terror across Europe.


Kira lived in the city of Milan in Italy for majority of her life, and became a politician when she became an adult. She grew and grew in political power until she had control of a large region of northern Italy, and pushed to have the region secede from Italy. She succeeded, and officially had full control over the region now known as Svitia. She now was able to push forward in her goal of corrupting the peace in Europe.


Reverse Quantum Curse

In Reverse Quantum Curse, Kira appears as the main antagonist. She uses technology resembling magic, and pushes for conquest in the west and north of her kingdom. She fights with S and her crew several times throughout the game.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Kira is an average-height woman with red hair and brown eyes. Her hair is tied back into a small ponytail in the back. She wears a purple cardigan over a midi black dress, along with a purple hat with a yellow stripe. She wears purple flats as well.


Kira is pretty practical and looks at things always in a realistic view. She is also very self-confident and holds herself to high standards. She generally is sarcastic often, and also outgoing at the same time. She is quite demanding, hence her taking power.



S and Kira are enemies, though S has a complete goal to stop the conquest of Kira in order to prevent the future that she had suffered through. Kira is not fully aware of S being from the future, though sees her as a small threat until she is able to take down Kira's troops.

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