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Kippa, the main character (mostly) of the Draw series.
Full Name Kippa
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status The opposite of dead
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sword
Element(s) Insert Element here that I only think is a Element
First Appearance Draw: The Adventure Through the Multiverse
Latest Appearance Little Big Doodleland 3
Family and Relations
A lot

Kippa is one of the key characters in Draw: The Adventure Through the Multiverse. She is the only alchemical character that is playable. She also seems to be studying science as well, as she is one of the characters who can build a nuclear reactor. She is skilled in her work at Portalguru, as a level 55 adventurer.


In Draw: The Adventure Through the Multiverse

She appears first in episode 3, and then is playable from then on. Kippa defeats a few Grimms before forging her main weapon. By episode 4 she is working for Portalguru

Later, in Episode 9, she travels to Limbo 2.0 and fails to escape from the Techcubes, who turn her into Rinzler. Her friends break her element, freeing her from the control of Limbo 2.0. Afterwards, she goes into space and breaks into the Dark Scribble's ship and turns off the communications at the cost of her life. Deltrice is later rescued by her when she finally revives herself from Purgatory.

In Doodleland

Kippa cameos in Little Big Doodleland 3, but she is hinted to have a larger role in Doodleland Super Nova.



She is good friends with Apoll-bot.


Kippa and Germoo have met somewhere from the past, but it's not clear whether they are friends or not.


Was turned to stone by him in Earth-4.

Peira Noid

She saved her life from falling from the Angel Realm, but other than that they have not interacted much.

Princess Rieh


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