Kingfin attacking.
Full Name Kingfin
Species Fishbone (uncomfirmed)
Class Boss
Koopa Troop
Vulnerable To Koopa Shell
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy

Kingfin is a boss that appears in the Mario series. It seems to be some kind of skeletal shark. Although it is one of the largest characters, it is somelacking in defense. In Super Mario Galaxy, the player fights it underwater in the Bonefin Galaxy, and has to throw shells at it to defeat it. There is abeam of light that comes through its eyeholes, sort of like flashlights. If Kingfin sees Mario during battle, it will simply chase him. Sometimes, you can use this as an advantage to hit Kingfin with a Koopa Shell. Isn't it freaky that you can see inside Kingfin's body through its mouth?




Kingfin mainly appears in the Mario series as a boss.

Mario Jet Blast

In Mario Jet Blast, the player may have to fight it in the sky at random times. But beating it is very easy. You must do the same tactic as in SMG to defeat it. If you take to long during the boss battle, Kingfin will eventually eat your character.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Rumble

It also appeared as a boss in the Adventure mode of Fantendo Smash Bros. Rumble. It had the most HP but the lowest defense out of all the bosses in the game.

Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals

Kingfin reappers as the boss of Fishbone Swarm Tower, in World 4: Shoreline Beach.

Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow

Kingfin reappears as the boss of Chapter 11. It is the beast responsible for attacking Great Ocean City and kidnapping Princess Syrena.


"That's Kingfin. A monstrous skeletal shark-beast that lurks these oceans. Max HP is 75, Attack is 4, and Defense is 1. It can summon smaller Bonefins as minions. Bonefins have a Max HP of 12 and an Attack of 1, but there are almost always like 3 at a time. Say, come to think of it, sharks don't have skeletons. So why does Kingfin?"

Super Mario Throwback

Kingfin gets a new look for Super Mario Throwback, a 2D platformer. He resembles a Fishbone in this game, but he wears a crown, is gray, giant, and has orange eyes.


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