Kingdom of Ismailia
Capital City Ismailburg
Largest City Ismailburg
Language(s) English, Arawakan
Leader(s) King Ismael Perez I
National Anthem
Remember the King
Government Constitutional monarchy, direct democracy
Currency Dollar
Drives on the Left

The Kingdom of Ismaelia is a country that is rules by Ismael Perez based on his ideologies. It borders Exorthica and Termania.



The constitution contains centrist-libertarian, centre-left, egalitarian, puritanist, nationalist, pacifist and traditionalist properties. The constitution grants restricted freedom of speech (prohibition of profane or insulting language) and clothing (clothing that exposes the shoulders, chest, stomach and knees are also prohibited), full freedom of thought, opinion, life, privacy, property, religion and protest, prohibition of weapons or harmful items/substances, public surveillance, anti-espionage and no military, protectionism on enemy countries, and great apes (including chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, etc.) given human rights and considered "human" (all other animals are not considered "human", but given the rights of life and protection).

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