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Kingdom Hearts IV: The Fantendo Allies is a Kingdom Hearts Fan Game created by Red Inc. that is for the PlayStation 3 and Wii. The game is similar to Kingdom Hearts III: The Nintendo Wars, but this time, Sora and friends travel through Fantendo worlds. The game is rated E (Everyone) and will release in early 2012.



NOTICE: More worlds needed!

  • 1. Hollow Baston
  • 2. Mushroom Kingdom
  • 3. Fiat Stadium
  • 4. MineMan's Castle
  • 5. RedYoshi's Island
  • 6. Llamnian Desert
  • 7. Central Universe
  • 8. VineVille
  • 9. Castle Trecner

Main Characters

  • Sora
  • Roxas
  • Donald
  • Goofy
  • Kairi
  • King Mickey
  • Queen Minnie
  • Mario


  • McQueen Mario (Met at Fiat Stadium and Hallow Baston)
  • PalmMan (Met at Mineman's Castle)
  • RedYoshi (Met at RedYoshi's Island after Ursala is defeated)
  • Henry the Moose (Met at Llamnian Desert and Hallow Baston)
  • Kooper (Met at Mushroom Kingdom)
  • Ella Metals (Met at Vineville)
  • Little P (Met at Pokemon City)
  • 3.14 (Met at Central Universe)
  • TJ (Met at Castle Trecner after Heartbreak is defeated)
  • Mulan (Met at Hallow Baston)
  • Hercules (Met at Hallow Baston)


Form Changes

RedYoshi's Island

  • Sora/Roxas- Infant versions of themselves.

Pokemon City

  • Sora- Pichu with brown ears and crown necklace.
  • Donald- A Psyduck.
  • Goofy- A Growlithe.


  • Maleficent (Fought at Hallow Baston)
  • Bowser (w/ Bowser Jr.; fought at Mushroom Kingdom)
  • Pete (Fought at Hallow Baston)
  • Ursula (Fought at RedYoshi's Island)
  • Heartbreak (Fought at Castle Trecner)
  • Chick Bowser (Heartless form; fought at Fiat Stadium)
  • MineMan (Fought at MineMan's Castle)
  • BlackYoshi (w/ BlackBirdo; fought at RedYoshi's Island)
  • Tango the Llama Lord (Fought at Llamnian Desert)
  • Samuel Think (Fought at VineVille)
  • Trecner (Fought at Castle Trecner)

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