Kingdom Hearts 3 was released on the PS4, Xbox One, the Wii U, and NX on March 2017. The game takes place after Dream Drop Distance where Xehanort has already put his plans into motion. Now it is up to Sora, Donald, and Goofy to stop him.


The gameplay plays like Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep.

You can scroll down the command deck to use:





If you press right on the D-Pad it'll give you a few different options.





You can attack with the B button,Block with the Y button, Jump with the A button, and do reaction commands with the X button

Playable characters:

-Sora. The main character of the game. Sora can, Shotlock, do limit attacks, Flowmotion, and transform into Drive forms. Sora is also playable in the Mission mode. Sora can be equipped with any Keyblade he has.



-Roxas. During the middle of the game Xemnas defeats Sora and is about to deal the finishing blow. But Roxas interferes and drags him into Sora's heart. You fight Xemnas as Roxas who has all of his abilities from 358/2 Days, and can Dual Wield. Roxas is also playable in the mission mode. Roxas can also wield any Keyblade except Ultima in story mode.

Dual Wield Roxas


-Donald. Donald is only playable in Mission mode. He is one of the more powerful magic user others being Aqua and Zexion. Donald uses his magic and staff to fight. Donald is an ally in the main story.

Donald(Kingdom Hearts)


-Goofy Goofy is only playable in Mission mode. Goofy uses his shield to attack. Goofy is an ally in the main story.

Goofy(Kingdom Hearts)




-Twilight Town.

-Destiny Islands.

-Big Hero 6


-Olympus Coliseum



-Captain America Civil War

-Star Wars


-Namime's Journal

-Keyblade Graveyard

-Kingdom Hearts.

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