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Kingdom Hearts: Heartless Warriors, is a game for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Wii, and Virtua Mantis. It features the Kingdom Hearts World First, Then goes into a Video Game Series version of Kingdom Hearts featuring Link instead of Sora.


Gameplay in Heartless Warriors is unique to the Kingdom Hearts series

Story Mode

in Story Mode, you look at a map of all the worlds, and then choose a world to go to, at that World you have to send a certain amount of characters from your Character Reserves, and you will get a certain amount of New Characters at that world, which will make your reserves bigger, your party in each world will have eight characters, some of your original ones, and some from that world, you can cycle through through the your party during Story Mode.

Battle System

Heartless Warriors Battle system is similar to the Chain of Memories Battle System, as in you run in to enemies, and then fight using an Active-Time Battle System


In the Wii version, you use weapons by and swinging the Wii Remote. Four spells are chosen by you before entering Battle, and are assigned to, A, B, Z, and C.

DS and DSi

In the Ds and DSi Version, you use your stylus to move the weapon. Four Spells are chosen by you before entering Battle, and are assigned to, A, B, X, and Y.

Virtua Mantis

In the Virtua Mantis, you become whatever character you want, and fight as if your the Character.


KH Storyline

Destiny Islands
Disney Castle
Traverse Town


KH Storyline

Character Reserves

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