Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories II is a game in the Kingdom Hearts (series) game starring Kaze, a new hero.


Kaze, a young person living in a small town called Trail Town with his friends Chikyu and Lin find out about these strange creatures from the other side of the worlds called "Heartless". The heartless destroy Trail Town and the friends retreat into the abandoned castle. Soon after the heartless show up a strange Organization appears and starts attacking Heartless. Both of these creatures seem unwelcome to Kaze and his friends so they decide to drive them away by going to the surrounding worlds and unraveling the mystery of the Heartless and the Keyblade that they can all use. Meanwhile they also find a set of cards, as well as a strange feeling of memories being lost.



  • The names Kaze, Chikyu and Lin total up to 13 letters.

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